Early Autumn Allotment Update

I’m counting the start of September as Autumn here, and the weather seems to as well because it’s getting quite chilly, even on sunny days. The majority of our gluts of produce are over, though there are a few things still to harvest.

The beans are still flowering, but fortunately they have slowed down a bit. We were getting a little snowed under with them, but managed to trade a tub full for some blackberries. A few are being left on the vines to dry off so we can keep the beans for next year. The new bean frame worked really well so we will stick with that design for next year too. 14 plants provided us with an absolute tonne of beans, which have either been eaten with roast dinners (delicious), given away or blanched and frozen to use in the winter. 

The brassicas have all been harvested and frozen too and their bed has been rotavated. The potatoes have also been harvested, and the large patch where they were has been rotavated too. The next job there is to add compost and manure to the soil, as it is not particularly rich. The previous tenant had only grown potatoes and onions for years so the soil needs some tlc if we are to optimise future crop growth. We may use one of those beds to plant some winter greens if we can get hold of them.

The old potato bed, ready for fertilizer to be added
The carrots and parsnips are still thriving, so we’ve just kept on top of keeping slugs at bay and harvested carrots as and when we’ve wanted them. We have had a real mix of interesting shapes, despite the use of compost to make the soil less dense.

The beetroot has almost all been harvested too and either pickled or turned into chutney, along with the tomatoes which we grew at home. The few remaining plants are being left for a month or so to see what happens, they may still develop! 

The raspberries have finished fruiting and the newly planted blackberries have a few small fruits on. The pears all dropped off, but two apples survived and we shall pick them when they’re fully ripe.

Last but not least we come to the pumpkin bed. The plants are now dying off, so very shortly we will be bringing the pumpkins home to store in the shed. We have 7 altogether, and a very pleased little boy! They’ve ripened beautifully and their bed almost looks like it’s glowing as they are so bright.

There are a few tidying up jobs to do, but things are definitely getting quieter now. The plot has done pretty well this year so far!

How’s your growing going? Have you got much left to harvest? How are you storing excess produce to keep it fresh? I’d love to hear! 

21 thoughts on “Early Autumn Allotment Update

  1. Wow, everything is looking great.. and those kidney beans, Yes, they just keep on coming, and we had some for lunch today..
    We had a problem with our parsnips in the early years of forking, we learnt to to plant them in manure rich earth.. So where we decide to plant them we do not dig manure into that spot for next years planting..
    Its a busy time both on the plot and in the greenhouse as tomatoes finish and the greenhouse gets cleaned for winter use..
    Love those Pumpkins.. Ours are just turning but mainly green still.. So yours are well in front..
    Happy Gardening Mrs C… and so happy you have shared your Apples..
    We were thrilled with our 15, we did pick before slightly ready, and I have made a few pies already with them.. πŸ™‚
    Love and Hugs my friend xx

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    1. Thank you for sharing your progress too, it’s good to hear how everyone else is getting on. Because of blight we had to pick out tomatoes and dispose of the plants, but they are ripening gradually in the conservatory. Good tip about the parsnips, I’m hoping for a good crop bit you can’t see how big they are until you dig them up lol! Thanks for dropping by x x

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    1. Thank you, now to keep them safe until Halloween! The winter greens are easy to get from local nursery outlets (I’m in Lincolnshire, the fields are full of greens so there are lots of plant suppliers). We will probably just plant winter cabbages.

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  2. Well, despite Monty Don’s warning we had some good tomatoes – strawberries were disappointing though. Sounds like you had a great year – the pumpkins are FAB!

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    1. Thank you, I’m not sure of our strawberries were disappointing or not as it was our first year with them! The tomatoes were a bit sad as we had to harvest them green but never mind. Can’t win them all!

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  3. I felt like I was stood on the side of a football pitch, gleefully cheering on my Team Craft, all the way through this post.
    I don’t think I’ve ever got goosebumps from reading a blog post before, but I did whilst reading this one.
    Aww Mrs. Craft I’m thrilled to pieces about how brilliantly you’ve done this year. I LOVE that you’re doing so well and that (almost) everything you’ve toiled over has paid you back in the way nature does – food for tummies. (Or seeds for next year).
    The Carrots …. I had a jolly good giggle over some of those more unusual ones. There’s one – lower right, – which I looked at and thought it looked like the bottom half of a man sitting on one of those shooting sticks (which have the bit you can sit on if needs be). Until…. I noticed the ‘tail’ at the back! Ohhhh by the time I’d realised that it was a tail, I’d already [in my head] built the whole animal … it’s a rather grand Rabbit (or should that be: half a rather grand Rabbit). He’s wearing a waist jacket and an unbuttoned coat, much in the style of a Dandy around the 1800’s. And … of course, he wears a top hat. But I feel that his top hat is a creamy white velvet, rather than the usual black. And naturally, he has a pocket watch on a chain.
    Erm … I think my medication has reached it’s limit. I’m obviously due some more…. MATRON? MAAAATRON?? Where is that woman when you need her? tsk tsk.
    Brilliant post Mrs. Craft. Loved every minute of it.
    Sending squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. Aw, thank you! The carrots caused a great deal of amusement last year too, they were a real rogues gallery! It has been an adventure, but funny how one minute you are planting and very soon you’re harvesting and getting ready to start over! X

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  4. Gosh our runner beans have only just started, first dinner yesterday, but if previous years are to go by we will not finish picking till November. Cucumbers are going well but the toms just don’t ripen.

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  5. What a lot of produce. Just coming out of winter here so not much growing. Planted some spring onion seeds a few weeks ago and they have started to appear. My broad beans have flowers so waiting patiently! Loads of lemons on my tree – giving heaps away. Almost time to plant out for summer tomatoes and beans.

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