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WIP Wednesday-6th September

My needles have been on fire this week and I’ve managed to complete the Lush cardigan I started last Sunday. Today I sewed in the last of the ends and washed and blocked it. I haven’t got a photo of the completed cardigan as the recipient hasn’t seen it yet. Here’s one of the buttons though, as I do love choosing them to match projects.

I also managed a couple of rounds on the blooming flower cushion. I’m planning on working on it a lot now until I get more orders for other crocheted items.

How’s your week been? Have you got anything finished? Let me know!

35 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-6th September

  1. The cardigan … WHAT A BEAUTIFUL COLOUR THAT WOOL IS!!! It’s kind of … what would happen if Butter and Honey fell in love. They’d make that fantastical blended colour of lovey doveyness. The button … perfection. Love it.

    Now onto that flower(s) … I would buy that exactly as it is. Although .. having it as a cushion … well I’d display it, but woe betide anyone who thought they might like to sit leaning against it. OH. MY. STARS!!! There would be scolding going on which the earth had never seen before. (Thinking of Daughter No.2 here … and Son in Law too come to think of it). She comes in, and practically throws herself on the sofa. I swear to dog that one day that sofa is going to throw up the white flag and break in the centre!

    Love both the projects, and can’t wait to see the cardi in full. It looks amazing.
    Squidges ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Thank you, I love the mustard colour yarn, so perfect for autumn! The cushion will hopefully be very cosy, I managed a few rounds last night. There will be no using it as a weapon during sibling fights that’s for sure! Thank you for the lovely comments x

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  2. I love the buttons you chose for your cardigan; I’ve eyed those for some of mine but have always ended up going with other buttons. I imagine those are warm to the touch and somehow lighter than other buttons. A good choice!

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