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Never Say Never

‘Never say never’ has been the theme for my week, as I’ve been trying different crafty things out whilst work has been quiet. Never is a pretty strong word, it’s not like I had anything against the things that I have tried, more that I had felt indifferent towards them and so I’d never really done them. (Except magic rings, I strongly disliked those!)

I’m going to start off with the dreaded magic ring. I don’t normally do much amigurimi, and when I have I have failed miserably at magic rings and just done a chain 2 to begin with. However, I’ve been trying out different patterns for Christmas decorations and I decided to take the plunge and look for a decent tutorial on how to do them properly. When a new technique is tricky, I often find Youtube videos to be really helpful, but this time it was actually a photo tutorial from Simply Crochet magazine that did the trick. I’m glad I tried (and succeeded) and I no longer hate them. I still don’t trust them though, an do a little stitch or two to secure the end fully before stuffing the project. It’s made a big difference to how neat my amigurimi is, just look at this:

I bet you’ve never looked that closely at a snowman’s bottom!

Whilst the children have been at school, I’ve had a chance to crochet a lot more (so much so that I’ve actually hurt my wrist and am now on a short rest break from it!) Anyway, I normally crochet whilst watching TV in the evenings, so daytime crochet is a bit of a new own for me. Daytime TV is, if I’m honest, absolutely rubbish, but I can’t sit in silence as I just don’t like it. I had heard various crafters talk about podcasts, but, not being an iPhone owner, they were not something I had used. Also, because of my penchant for watching soaps once the children are in bed, I hadn’t considered podcasts as an option because I might have missed an exciting storyline. However, they suddenly seemed a great idea to fill the daytime silence. A quick poll on a Facebook group I’m in gave me a rather long list to try. The first one I listened to was Knit British, and it was quite relaxing and a nice change from TV. I have also listened to Crafternoon Treats and Cherry Heart, all of which have been enjoyable too. It doesn’t end here though, because they have started a revolution. I don’t just have to craft whilst listening, I can do other tasks, like the soul destroying folding up of washing and the ironing! Oh yes, those chores are no longer hours of doom and gloom in my week, the wonderful podcasters take the edge off the pain, rather like co codamol. I wouldn’t say the jobs are enjoyable, but they are more tolerable. (And I’m sure many mums would agree, an excuse to disappear upstairs for an hour away from the weekend chaos is almost a treat.) There’s no photo for this because I didn’t really think you’d want to see my ‘little bit frowny because I’d rather be crafting than doing this’ face and the ironing board so you’ll just have to imagine. If you have any podcast recommendations, please let me know in the comments!

Another side effect of having additional crochet time has been having more time to spend shopping for yarn online (thank goodness I sold a couple of things I’d made to pay for it!) On Thursday, Β I received a rather epic delivery of yarn, which was mainly Stylecraft Special DK in a lot of different shades. I’d seen yarn pegs on the Attic 24 blog before, and hadn’t ever thought I’d need them because ‘I would never buy THAT much yarn.’ Hmmmm. Luckily my inner psychic powers must have been well tuned because I’d already bought myself a new pack of clothes pegs earlier in the week, but not for the purpose of making up yarn pegs. I’ll just have to buy more for hanging the washing out with! Yesterday afternoon when it was too rainy to do much outdoors I started my collection, I have a few more shades in storage boxes too, and I’ve written the names of those colours on pegs ready for when I get brave enough to venture into the depths of my craft area. I’m hoping they will help me when planning projects as well as for helping me remember the exact colours when reordering. (I am very aware that I’m late to the yarn pegs game!)


I’ve also started up my little business selling a few items here and there, and I’ve been lucky in getting a few orders already. It’s the time of year when Christmas craft fairs are being advertised a lot and I’d kind of brushed off the idea of going to one as a maker. (What if I didn’t have time to make things? What if I had no ideas for things to make? What if no one wanted to buy my creations? and so on.) Then I saw an advertisement for one in our village, with only a single table remaining. My inner spontaneous side (not seen very frequently) took over and immediately asked if I could have it. Then I got a reply and it had already been taken, but they were going to shuffle things around and squeeze me in. So, there we have it, I’m doing my very first Christmas craft fair!

I might have to whip up a lot of these chaps for the craft fair!

I think I’ll have to stop saying ‘never’, I’m going to land myself in all sorts of situations if I’m not careful. For all of that, though, I’m glad I’ve discovered some new things. Have you ever done anything you thought you’d never do?

41 thoughts on “Never Say Never

  1. I know exactly how you felt… My first attempts on a magic loop failed so hard, that I almost considered quitting. But the best tip for anyone trying the magicloop for the first time is not to give up!!
    And I just love those snowmen =)

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  2. Omg I am so happy for you!! A Craft fair. I have been looking into them myself. Somehow maybe next year I can fit one it and plan some vacations around some. I started looking into them this past week. we will see if they are in my cards. I think you will do amazing with it. I still LOVE those snowmen ❀

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    1. I found that too, but I could not do the magic ring without a loopy bit on the first stitch. I’ve got it now though! An ideas book sounds fab, I have an ideas area at the back of my blog notebook.


  3. Ok… I’ve always got that dazed, rabbit in the headlights look on my face when anyone has mentioned podcasts to me, as I have NO IDEA WHAT A PODCAST IS! Yes, seriously. It was like someone was talking a totally different language.
    “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore!”
    So … even though I’m not a fully paid up knitter or crochet expert, I clicked on one of your links so that I could see what a podcast actually was. It’s a bit of film! We would have done this on one of those movie cameras…. back when dirt was invented. Or … have I got it wrong?
    I watched the whole hour of a lovely lady teaching me things I never thought I’d know, and telling me that she died her own wool – and wanted to die some wool using beetroot.
    However … she confided in me that beetroot doesn’t die things red. Ohhh no siree! When you use beetroot to die things … anythings …. it dies things …. YELLOW!!!
    Surely this has to be a bit of witchery? Hedgewitchery? Harry Potter Magic Spellery? What? She must surely have a broom and wand!!!
    Yellow! Who knew!!
    So anyhoo … I kind of now know that a podcast is just a video type of thing and I don’t need a confusing phone which whistles, toots, delivers your lunch and makes your coffee. I just need some great friends who will share those ‘podcasts’ with me… or lessons on where to find ’em. lol
    BUT … here’s the thing. … … … …
    I can’t find a link to your Etsy shop.
    Is there one on your blog – in your sidebar perhaps …. and me being me, I’m totally ignorant of it or completely blind? I know I need to go and get my eyes tested for new reading glasses … but I cannot find a link.
    (But … I’m great at Where’s Wally – so maybe you need to put a striped jumper and woolly hat on the link. LOL)
    Sending BIG squigdges ~ Cobs. xxx 🌷🌷🌷

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    1. So glad you tried a podcast, they are rather good. Some are just audio too, which is fab for when you’re crafting. I’m not sure about the beetroot colouring thing, but I am all for natural dyeing.
      I’m afraid I don’t have an Etsy shop, I’ve just not set it up! I will, eventually and then I promise I will leave a link.
      Have a lovely Monday x

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      1. Ahh.. got confused. Sorry Mrs.C, I thought you’d already done the Etsy thing. What a dope I am! DOH! [slaps head]
        Natural dyeying is fantastic. I’ve only fairly recently heard about how this is used to dye wool, and it blows my mind that it can be done at home. It seems like a ‘big job’ – so I’m just in love with the idea that regular folks can do it themselves.
        Sending Monday Squidges. Have a fantabulous day ~ Cobs. xxx

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      2. Ohhhhh… ewwwwwww!! Or should that be EWE. lol.
        I don’t know the smell … but somehow my brain can imagine it, and boy does it smell ugly!
        I vote for Mr.C … I wouldn’t want the house smelling like that either. ewe.
        lol ~ C. xxx

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      3. [groans] …. and here I am moaning when the wind is in the wrong direction and the farmer has fertilised his fields!! WHEW!

        Not sure who, between the two of us, is coming out of this the better! LOLOLOL
        Squidges ~ C. xxx 🌻 🌻 🌻

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  4. I need to master the magic ring too! It’s on my to-do list. Good luck with the fair. I’ve done a few with varying degrees of success (or otherwise)! It can be very deflating if there aren’t any visitors. I am sure you’ll be fine though and those snowmen are irresistible so you will likely sell loads! Can’t wait to hear how it went.

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  5. I just got hired to teach an art class for 5-8 year olds! I NEVER thought I’d teach art! Good for you for doing the craft fair, those little snowmen will definitely sell (they are so cute!). As far as podcasts go, I listen to Craftish with Vickie Howell, A Yarn Thing with Marly Bird and Create and Thrive. All good for trying a business in the craft industry!

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  6. Loved your little hanging decorations.. Brilliant.. And also love your sense of humour.. I also thank you for your links you provided and will explore some of them later, I have saved a few in my browser.. So thank you for that Mrs C… πŸ™‚

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