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A Not WIP Wednesday Post, Featuring Fairy Dust

This week I decided not to have a WIP Wednesday post, because all of my makes have been seen before! What I did decide to do though, was share some magic that happened last Thursday. I hadn’t had a call for work, so I was at home. I’d done the chores, including a very thorough tidy up of the toys in the conservatory, and was just sitting down with a cuppa when there was a knock at the door. It was the post lady, who looked a little weighed down because she had not one, or two, but three parcels and they all had my name on. The first two were both Wool Warehouse orders (whoops!) and the third was a surprise. I knew Mrs Cobs (chief mischief maker at the Cobweborium Emporium, for those not familiar with her) was sending ‘something’ as a thank you for a gift I had sent her. (It was only chutney, nothing very exciting, but I am so glad she liked it, and also thrilled that it brightened up a pretty appalling week for her-see her post for full details!)

Anyway, I opened the parcel carefully to find a label that said ‘pull gently’. At this point I began to feel a little nervous, as in our email exchanges we had discussed the fact that live creatures were allowed to go in the post. Mrs Cobs wouldn’t send me worms, would she? Thank goodness, it turned out to be a card disguised as a work of art (or a work of art disguised as a card, I can’t decide which!) Anyway, it was the most stunning card I have ever received, here I was holding an actual piece of art and it was made just for me! Honestly, the details are unbelievable, I’ve tried to photograph them but every time I look I notice another hidden treasure. So much effort has gone into this beautiful card, it really is just awesome. Even better, it’s fairy themed! It came complete with a bottle of fairy dust and a special key for fairy land. (I might be needing that if we have another repeat of the tantrum my daughter had on the school run, but that’s a whole other blog post!)

Anyway, I shall leave you with some photos so you can admire the card, with it’s enamelled butterflies, embossing, charms and all manner of goodies embellishing it.



Even the back of the card was really fancy!

Isn’t she amazing? Mrs Cobs also sent some things for me to craft with-some beautiful little notelets which I’m sure will be very handy, and a bottle of magical nuvo glitter drops. I’ve never used them before, but she very kindly gave me some tips for using them. Because I’m such a hoarder I haven’t actually used them yet (just in case I run out!) I’m waiting for a special project to test them on, but I am excited about the prospect of 3D glittery accents.


Even the bottle is super posh! I was completely blown away by how kind Mrs Cobs was, because there really was no need. I was more relieved that my packaging of the jar of chutney was successful and that it arrived in one piece!

I’m going to go and work on my WIPs now that my poorly arm is recovering, and hopefully next week I shall have some projects to show. If you’ve never visited the Cobweborium Emporium you really should, the Friday posts are especially educational with a bit of naughty thrown in for good measure.

49 thoughts on “A Not WIP Wednesday Post, Featuring Fairy Dust

  1. Isn’t she,Mrs. cobs, just the best friend in blog-land. I’m sure there are others but from a personal experience there is none other. I hope you know about the white feathers….they are special.
    We are truly blessed to have experienced the Cobweb magic.

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  2. That is some kindah Wednesday mail to get. I have to add I loved seeing “with my name on.” Americans in most places would say “with my name on it” but I hate that. In my hometown which is American but doesn’t speak Standard American English, we might say “with my name on” or even “it was stuck in” or to add to the dialect deliciousness, “it was up in.” Prepositions are not verbs and do not require “it” objects.

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      1. There are no technicalities. In this case it makes perfect sense to me to not use “it” and I am a total fan because it reminds me of home.

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  3. You two make me smile. Both very sweet beautiful gesters. I am sure Mrs. Cobs will love the Chutney and will be a huge success for her christmas gathering. You are both good people with big hearts. That card she sent is amazing. All the detail tht went into making it is absolutely beautiful. I am touched by all the kindness… =)

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  4. You two make me smile. Such a kind beautiful gester. I am sure that beautiful yummy chutney will be a absolute hit at Mrs. Cobs gathering for the holiday. Both of you are kind good hearted souls. Mrs Cobs card is beautiful. All the detail and thought that went into that card blows me away. Its very beautiful. ❤ I hope you both have a lovely week! =)

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  5. Awww shucks Mrs.Craft, tis just a card for a very special lady.
    You totally made my week come to life, and I had to say thank you.
    Please … use the Nuvo Drops … you won’t run out unless you try to decorate the living room with it. It goes a looooong way and lasts for aaaages. Have a play with it on a scrap of paper, so that you get the feel for it.
    Oh … and I forgot to tell you … that ‘DREAM’ thing on the inside of the card … it’s a bookmark. You can take it off there and use it for your reading. I made it specially for you and the card itself. I printed the word dream out onto some paper I’d made to look like a sky with clouds.
    Thank you for the link to my blog, and for your wonderful post. Bless you.
    Sending love to all the Crafts, big and little, and a bucket of love and squidges to you.
    ~ Cobs. xxx 🌷 🌷 🌷

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  6. I am just grinning from ear to ear! I have also been on the receiving end of Mrs. Cobs generosity and artistic talents. Last year she found out I had never experienced a walnut whip….so she sent me some and a beautiful card also!
    Your card is so very lovely!

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  7. Ohh, dearest, most wonderful Mrs.Craft.
    It is you who is amazing … I just made a card to say thank you.
    You grew the plants, harvested the beetroot and then made the chutney.

    There is part of a quote from a gentleman called Cesar Chavez which sums up everything I feel about the gift of your chutney:

    “… People who give you their food, give you their heart”…

    It’s such a great explaination of why your gift of your home grown, home made Chutney is so incredibly special to me. You put your heart and soul into the whole process – from planting all the way through to bottling. Such an incredible journey and it’s made it’s way to me. I love you to pieces for the gift. A little bit of magic which I hold in my hand.

    Sending you heaps of love and squidges ~ Cobs. xxx 🌷🌷🌷

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      1. Well .. the white feathers….
        For years I’ve known (not believed, but known) that if I found a white feather in a place where a white feather wouldn’t or couldn’t have been found… then I’ve known that it’s a visiting card from an Angel, and I’ve kept all the white feathers which have come my way.

        My mum too believed in the white feathers, and she in her later years began the collect white feathers which she’d found in places that a white feather couldnt have got there by any other means.

        My mum and I had a conversation about two years before she passed, about passing over. No one else was there in her house at the time so we both knew that one one else could hear what we said. We also promised each other that which ever of us passed over first, we would do two things to show that we were still around. One was the feathers. We agreed that we would leave feathers for each other to show we had called.

        The second thing … well that hasn’t happened yet, but that’s because I need to do something in order to know about that.

        However .. the feathers … Once my mum had passed .. I began finding feathers in my Kitchen. Then I would find one inside my car, on the seat or the dashnboard.

        But then … came the biggest feather ever. I parked the car outside a large store. Mr. Cobs came round the car and waited for me to get out and lock the car up. I stood at the car door and put my keys in my bag., then walked towards the front of my car, looking down so that I could see the step up onto the pavement in front of my car.

        All fine and groovy.

        We were in the store about 4 minutes. They didn’t have what we wanted so returned to the car. I did the walk back to the drivers side as I’d done it before, only in reverse.
        I stepped down off the pavement and something caught my eye. I took another step and turned to see things properly.

        There, laying under the front wheel of the car was an absolutely HUGE white feather. Great big feather. Massive. Swan sized.

        It wasn’t there when I pulled up. It wasn’t there when I got out of the car and walkedto the front of the car to get onto the pavement.

        But yet … there it was, under the car wheel. The end of it was held firmly under the car wheel.

        I called Cobs Snr. to come round the car and look, and even he was tacken aback. I had to start my car up so that I could move it slightly so that he could ‘rescue’ the feather.

        Then .. when we moved down south from Worcstershire, we came and viewed several properties two of which we loved and made offers on … but then something happened which meant we didn’t buy those properties. However … when we came to see this property, the estate agent showed us round, and then we went outside into the back garden so that I could look at the converted garage. Estate agent walked in. I walked in, but Cobs Snr was looking at the garden …. I loved the converted garage so much that I went back to the door to call Cobs Snr to come and look … and there on the floor, right outside the door was a large white feather. Cobs Snr was stood about 3 feet from the door and had been stood there all the time, but he said that he saw nothing at all float down from the sky.

        The Estate Agent said it wasn’t outside the door when we walked over the decking and into the door of the converted garaged. And I knew for certain that it wasn’t there because I was checking out the decking to see if it needed any work.

        That feather – like the one under the car, and just like some other feathers which there were no explanations for, just appeared there. And yet, we couldn’t explain it.

        I called the Estate Agents a few hours later to put an offer on the property and a chap answered the phone … when I told him which property I was calling about and asked to speak to the young lady who had shown us round …. he suddenly said … “Are you the lady who found the white feather?” Apparently this young estate agent had gone back to the office and was so dumstruck by what happened that she’d told every one in the office and they too were astounded. Of course when I was on the phone, they wanted to check with me that she wasn’t making it up.

        There are more occassions … but I won’t bore you to tears.
        But yes … I believe. No … I don’t just believe … I KNOW for sure. Because I’ve had the evidence.
        I bet you’re sorry you asked now. LOL.

        I’m so happy that you liked your card piece of Art it was made with lots of love.
        Sending squidges by the bucket load ~ Cobs. xxx 🌷🌷🌷

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      2. Thank you so much for sharing, it means a lot. And now I have my own to treasure. Thank you again, I had a feeling it was to do with angels. I feel a bit teary now lol x x (I’ll blame it on tiredness)

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  8. What a lovely card!! Cobs is an angel and so very very talented!!! She is a creative wizard. I am also lucky and honored to have one of her works of art/cards. I have it put away for now until I can find a frame for it! 😀


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