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Clinging on to Summer

The first week of October has been chilly but pleasant, and the weather has been very kind. (Such a British thing to do, talking about the weather, but it’s true!) We’ve been able to get outside a lot, with a couple of allotment trips as well as work on our own garden. It’s felt very much like a ‘need’ to make the most of the chances to go outdoors before it is too wet or cold to enjoy it and be productive.

The nights are definitely drawing in, and after work allotment visits to go and tend to the chickens have had to get much earlier. (My son is strangely enthusiastic about this as he also gets to walk home from Beavers in the dark, and when you’re almost 6 that is terribly exciting. I’m not such a huge fan of walking in the dark but luckily it’s not too far. ) It is getting towards the time where you want to get in at night and snuggle down with a hot drink, pyjamas and rubbish on the TV. But for now, we are clinging on to the light that there is and trying to remain productive, squeezing in odd jobs where we can.

It even feels as though the bounty given to us by nature in the early part of autumn is fading, as demonstrated by our feeble attempts at conker collecting on our walk earlier today. The children collected 2 each, and my 3 year old daughter informed me that the conker shells on the floor are “going mouldy like horse poo.” I can kind of see where she’s coming from as they are decomposing and turning the same brown colour as the leaves, unlike 2 or 3 weeks ago when they were still green and housing shiny horse chestnuts.

On the allotment, we are down to the last few beans, so we are leaving those to dry for next year’s seeds. The one remaining bed of beetroot appears to have stopped trying to grow, so I shall go and dig it up later this week. The carrots and parsnips, though, are still thriving and proving that it isn’t quite all over yet. The apples left on my father in law’s allotment are starting to be past their best too, although we still managed to gather a few.

I’m really hoping the nice weather lasts a little longer, reminding us of the summer. This afternoon my children spent the whole afternoon outdoors, and didn’t even need coats as they were running around so much. (I did insist on wellies though as the grass is very muddy, a sign that autumn is in full force where we are.) I even managed to get a load of washing dry on the line, but the second lot needed to finish in the tumble dryer. I don’t think we’ll get too many more outdoor ‘drying days’ this year now.

A watery autumn evening sky

I have a feeling that very soon we will need to embrace autumn with it’s warming soups and stews, hats, coats and scarves and having to switch on the central heating. The dark evenings are also a perfect excuse for crafting! In some ways, I’m quite looking forward to that! (I’m not so much looking forward to football practice on Saturday mornings being even colder.) What’s your favourite thing about this time of year?

40 thoughts on “Clinging on to Summer

    1. It is quite nice for that! I’ve been finding it a bit cool some days for a body warmer but too warm for a coat. I can never quite decide what to wear in a morning, it’s like clothing roulette!

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  1. We’re definitely in Fall here, though at least it’s been more funny than rainy so far! I actually like the rainy Fall days as I can knit by the fire and not feel guilty😂

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  2. Here in the sunny South cooler temps are wonderful. Only problem is the temps will rise again before they turn really cool. It will be on again-off again for a good while maybe even all winter. Crazy weather here.

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  3. I love the colours this time of year. Love the leaves turning on the trees, the reds and yellows and oranges. Theres one tree we can see from the back of our house which looks spectacularly fiery especially in the early morning sunshine.

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  4. All right….being from the midwest USA…I really need to know what conkers are! that is something I have never heard of and I am so very curious.
    We are supposed to have a hard freeze tomorrow night so I need to decide if I want to cover what is left in the garden (my tomatoes) or just pick everyone of them and let them ripen in the basement. I hate the thought of having to dig up my daisies and pot them up for the season…but I think I had best get that job done.

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  5. At the moment we’re getting the rain but not the low enough temperatures to wear all my lovely hand-knits so I’m not that impressed about the weather at the moment! But I’m finally doing something useful at work, so there is that…

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  6. I love autumn but it’s been very summery here, too, in upstate New York. My favorite part of fall–the flaming foliage of the maples–seems to be delayed because of the weather, I guess.

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  7. Its still nice for afternoon walks, which I love, at the moment but as soon as it turns cold my favourite things are holidays somewhere warm – well you did ask lol. Luckily we are past the age when we need to feed and clothe children so with only ourselves to please now, we do get a few.

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  8. Such a productive little family. I enjoyed reading your post, while we are staring down the barrel of mid spring and early summer here in Australia.

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  9. I always feel a bit sad at this time of year. for some reason work gets mad-busy and it feels even worse going to work in the dark and going home in the dark. it is really beautiful with all the lovely colour though!😊I’m not sad when I read all the fun and interesting stuff other people post on their blogs! 😊 I really enjoyed reading your story! I’ll just hole-up now with some yarn and wait until March! I’ve tried hibernating, only lasted 11hours! 😂😂😂

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  10. So glad Summer is over tbh, sick of sweating. Though i will miss the light nights, it’s a bit scary walking home round here in the dark lol! It’s nice to get out in this weather in the early morning or mid afternoon, something about the air and feel. But, its amazing how the change in temperature has just plummeted! Literally never reached for my jumpers and wraps so fast, so now i am wishing i finished my c2c bed throw, looks like ill try and get that done aha. Deffo a good time to start with the stews and soups, going to make more of an effort this year and use my slow cooker.

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  11. Yes October has been a real mixture so far weather wise.. Cold then warming up.. Our beans too now finished apart from those setting to seed..
    Our carrots and parsnips are a delight and like yours a wonderful addition .. Looking forward to the sprouts next.. 🙂

    My washing nearly blew off the line the other day.. And today they went out and came back in just as damp.. Lol.. So yes agree not many drying days outdoor left.. And I do not use a tumble dryer so then end up in the spare bedroom..

    Loved the sky.. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, we went and fetched the dried beans from our plants and my daughter helped to remove them from the pods. They had really dried out nicely and we have plenty for the spring. Sadly we have no spare room, though I do resent having to use the tumble dryer. x


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