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WIP Wednesday-11th October

It’s been another crochet week, including a ‘just for fun’ project I’d been meaning to try. I haven’t been terribly productive as I’ve been at work a lot, but even so, some progress has been made.

I’ll start with the ‘business’ project. It’s another pair of slippers, this time for a man. I agreed to make them before checking the patterns sizes, and soon realised that the pattern didn’t go up to the size I needed! I looked at the amount of stitches increased per size to work out how many stitches I would need for the new size, but then came across a problem. The increases in the original pattern made the ankle part larger but not the toes, If I made the required number of stitches I’d have ended up with bizarrely large ankle holes and out of proportion toes. I decided to try and increase the stitches in the toe area too, so I went through the pattern, did some careful working out with multiples of 6 (and 4) and made sure my gauge was correct. Fortunately the first one was a success, so I now just need to make the second. I feel quite proud of my pattern adaptation, it was well worth the maths.

These man sized slippers are mid green (not grey, as the photo would suggest!)


The other project was only a WIP for a short time, but I’ll let it have a place on here anyway. My son has started having longer stories at bedtime, and he was in dire need of a bookmark. (He was using a sock as bookmark; I didn’t dare to enquire about whether he had worn it or not.) I had seen this rat bookmark online several times and decided to take the plunge. It was fairly simple to make, though the legs were a little fiddly. It has caused great amusement here (mainly for Mr C, who has put it in various doors etc to peek out!) The pattern can be found freeΒ here.


That’s my WIPs summed up for this week, I have a few cards to make in the next week or so too. What have you been making? Do you ever make a little project just for fun?


44 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-11th October

  1. LOOOOOOVE the book-mark! What a creative solution to a problem – and such a wonderful one for a young man like Master Craft!
    The slippers for a man … crumbs, I’d have had a meltdown over re-sizing.
    I think you’re amazing. Brilliant. Wonderful.
    but then … you knew that already!
    Squidges ~ Cobs. xxx 🌻

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  2. Great job with the math!
    Love the book mark – I can imagine it is much of an improvement – although I’m sure the sock wasn’t bothering anyone but you πŸ™‚ I can also imagine Mr C having a great time placing the said book mark around – I know my hubby would

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  3. well done on the slippers! I’ve never tried adult size boots/slippers. As it happens I need a new pair of slippers myself so I think the time has come for me to just get on with it so thanks for the crochet inspiration. I also love the bookmark and may run a few up so thanks for the pattern link – it made me laugh about using the sock, my kids do this sort of thing all the time. Ya gotta love em πŸ™‚

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      1. I made the head body and legs today.. Just have the tale ears and eyes to do.. And loved making it… So THANK YOU Mrs C… I printed off the link to the pattern.. πŸ™‚ My granddaughter is going to love him.. xxx ❀ BIG HUGS xxxx ❀

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