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Choosing To Make a Change (2 Years On)

Around this time last year, I posted about my tough decision to make a big change, job (and lifestyle) wise. Today it is exactly 2 years ago since I made that choice, so it seemed a suitable time to share my post again. In the last year even more has changed: I’ve said yes to job opportunities that I was willing to try, and turned down offers that I didn’t think were right for me. I have no regrets about any of those choices-even the uncertainty of agency work-and now I am about to go full circle (so to speak) and commence a permanent job again. If someone had suggested this particular job to me 2 years ago, I’d probably have laughed at them and said no, but having had lots of different experiences since then I jumped at the chance.

We can never be quite sure where life will take us, know whether our choices are right or not, or predict what is around the corner. As always with a ‘new’ thing, there are lots of what ifs. What if the job isn’t right for me? What if I am not ‘good’ enough? What if the times they saw me do the job well were just a fluke? But without giving it a go, I will never know. So I shall step into the (almost) unknown and do my very best, knowing that someone has faith in me and therefore I need to believe in me too.


40 thoughts on “Choosing To Make a Change (2 Years On)

  1. All the best with the new move.
    Reading this I couldn’t help feeling we are living parallel lives! I just started a new job this week which is totally different from anything I’ve done in the past and had similar feelings. My new employer is taking a chance he has to train me in a new position and I seem to be letting go of the degree I earned 20+ years ago. My biggest concern at the moment is my dream job will come up just as I finish training and I will need to make a choice between the old and new career.

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  2. YOU CAN and you will.
    Whatever ‘it’ is, you CAN and you WILL do it.

    We all have faith in you, Mrs.C. We can all see that you’re up to anything which is asked of you, because we’ve got to know the real you. And, by the way, the real you is pretty darn amazing.

    Look in the mirror, smile at yourself – a proper smile so that it reaches your eyes, – and then say out loud, WITH PURPOSE …. “I CAN do this, and I’m GOING to do it.”

    Just don’t forget us …. I know you’re obviously going to get mega busy … but we’d love it if you came and visited us every now and again, so that we can still hear about what’s going on, and how you are. Because … well…. we’ve learned to love you, and that means that we have to let you go with the hope that you won’t forget us. A bit like a child leaving home.
    Sending masses of love and buckets of squidges ~ Cobs. xxx 🌻🌻🌻

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    1. Bless you Mrs Cobs and thank you. Luckily ‘it’ is a part time job so I’m not going anywhere. I hope to continue blogging, though I am sadly lacking in inspiration lately so haven’t had much to write about! Thank you for your kind words, they mean a lot x

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  3. Congratulations on your new path! A few years ago I left a longtime job that I loved and knew like the back of my hand. Now I’m back in the same field again but it took a lot of angst and trepidation and a fair amount of stress to throw myself back into the job market again. 8 months later, I’ve settled in and am so glad I took the plunge. You will, too, and you’ll do fine!

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  4. Wow, two years have gone by since that post, I had no idea so much time had passed! Good luck with the new job and I hope you enjoy the learning experience.

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  5. Reading your back post Mrs C.. I think you made the correct choice back then.. And now it is that time again to make fresh starts and new choices.. I wish you well with your new job and I am sure you are now in a better place to be able to handle both work and family.

    I know only too well how it is when juggling a young family and a full time job..
    Sending LOVE.. and Hugs and wishing you all the very best.. ❀ xxx

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    1. Thank you so much for the good wishes, I am certain I made the right choice back then. This new job is 3 days a week, and, although there will be a certain amount of pressure, it is nothing compared to working full time with a (breast fed!) 4 month old baby. I look back at those days and wonder how I ever did it. x

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      1. Glad it is only 3 days and well done you too for breast feeding.. So did I… And yes we look back don’t we and we wonder how on earth did we manage. lol.. but we did and we do..
        And I am sure you will be manage just fine.. xxx

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