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An ‘Incredible’ Birthday Card

Today my son is 6, and, as is usual in the run up to these events, I asked him what he wanted on his birthday card. I could nearly have predicted that he would ask for Hulk, but I thought I’d better check.

Having left it ridiculously late to make it, last night I cheated a little and used a printable picture, copying and pasting it into Word and adding text in Hulk-like colours. (Paper piecing might have been an option but it isn’t one of my strengths and I suspect I would have produced a character more identifiable as a brussels sprout than a Marvel superhero.) As I pressed print, I crossed my fingers and hoped it would be the right sort of size, and then selected suitable colours of card and had a play around once i;d trimmed it down. I decided I needed a ‘boom’ type shape to put the 6 on, and would you believe it I had nothing like that on any of my Cricut cartridges or in my cutting die selection. In the end, after consulting with Mr C -who makes a very good sounding board for ideas-I settled on the shape which I shall call ‘irregular star’. (I haven’t got a clue what it should be called so that’ll do.)

I then decided I didn’t like the number 6 that I’d printed so I had to make one on the Cricut, and then messed up the layers (I forgot to press shift so ended up with two the same, then I used the wrong colour; it was on it’s last chance before I gave up on it). Once I’d glued the star together and had a dry run of the layout of the whole thing, I committed to using double sided tape. It was ok, but it needed something more. It felt kind of half done, but I had no idea what to add. I went back to my trusty advisor, who suggested chains.

By now it was 9:30, I wanted to go to bed and I couldn’t think of what to add, since chains don’t tend to feature heavily in my card designs. Then I remembered that years ago I had some chain effect peel off stickers in a Docrafts goody bag. Shiny peel offs are really not my ‘thing’ so these ones were lucky to have survived my many stash culls over the years. I added some as a border, and then some short ones over Hulk’s wrists to give the impression that he had broken free. Now might be a good time to admit that my Avengers knowledge could be written on the back of a postage stamp (a small one, not the big fancy ones you get when you buy a book of stamps) so I don’t know if Hulk would do that. However, it got the Mr C seal of approval so I guessed it wasn’t totally inaccurate.


My son was very happy with it, and Mr C wrote a clue in it about his birthday present which he loved trying to read. It’s not a particularly fancy card, but I don’t think Hulk needs any frilly bits! We had a super busy day, with two parties (neither of which were his!) and some visitors, as well as the excitement of him getting a drum kit. I’m always happy when my cards go down well and bring a smile to someone’s face-it makes the effort worthwhile.

(I will admit to buying the birthday cake this year instead of making it, the first time we’ve ever done that! No one minded so I guess that’s me off the hook from cake making duties.)

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend, and if you have any exciting Avengers facts to share then please do, it’ll earn me some serious Mummy points with my growing up too fast little boy.

30 thoughts on “An ‘Incredible’ Birthday Card

  1. LOL on the Avenger knowledge! I was “schooled” by my 6 year old grandson a couple months back when I got the Avengers and the Justice League guys mixed up…..he gave this huge sigh and told me, “Grandma… I have to teach you again???” I told him yes…I had 60 years of thoughts in my head and some just tend to fall out. He laughed at that one.
    I love the card!

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  2. Your card turned out great. I wish I knew how to do all the things you did to make it,but I just don’t get some of the tech points. I do go to do what I do and that is why I don’t do more. Drums???? Oh goodness….ear plugs might be in your christmas stocking.

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  3. I love the card! I definitely agree with the understated design, the Hulk really doesn’t need much embellishment. I know a fair amounts about the Avengers, so I could tell you that it’s quite likely Hulk could break out of chains, so I’d say that part of the card is accurate! šŸ˜Š

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  4. This is wonderdul! I hate those projects where you try and make something quickly and things go wrong! It’s usually the ones you think will be simple and then end up getting needlessly complicated. It all turned out great in the end though. My little one would love a card like this too!

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  5. I know lots about super heroes lol! More of a DC fan (Justice league) But Thor is my favourite out of the Avengers being a Norse God an i love Norse Mythology, he’s the god of thunder and really good looking in the films LOLOL. Don’t know much about The Hulk, obviously super human strength, i don’t think he can be killed but i am sure it has happened in the comics at some point in life. Just say Hulk smash, thats something to say haha i like the card šŸ˜€

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  6. The card is a stunner. I bet he loved it.
    I really like the ‘chain’ running around the outside. I think you chose perfectly there Mrs.C. And the picture printed really well! Right size, and the colours are really great. Well done you clever thing.
    Obviously I can’t leave without nagging you … I hope you’re looking after that wrist, or I’m going to have to take your crochet hook away for a week! (I woud love to see your face right now! LOL) šŸ¤£
    Cobs. x

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    1. Thank you. I consider myself to have been ‘told’ Lol, I’m being very careful. I’ve had a few days rest and tentatively tried a little bit of crochet, following advice from my friends. I’m being super careful I promise. Luckily my little people are at school and preschool and I am still on half term so I’m treating myself to a rest and some daytime tv. Have a lovely week x


  7. What a fabulous last minute card. Why do we do that to ourselves – for me it’s like you know it’s your daughter’s/son’s birthday forever so why am I always making the card at the last minute?
    My son is always correcting me on the Avengers and Justice League – maybe one day I’ll get it right!

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