WIP Wednesday-1st November

This week has mostly been about resting my arm to ensure it is fixed, and so my WIPs have mainly been little ones that have allowed me to try and find comfy positions to crochet in. I have a craft fair in just over 3 weeks time, so I’ve had a go at a couple of small projects that might go on my stall.

First of all I tried these baubles that I’ve been itching to make for ages. I must have bought smaller baubles than the pattern called for as I had to leave out a round of each half to make them small enough. I really love these icy colours and have a few other colour schemes planned too. I’m not sure whether they will be good sellers so I shan’t make too many.

The snowman was one I’d made before, I just thought an odd number of baubles looked better than the 2 I’d made!

I also made some snowflakes from the pattern on the Attic24 blog. These take around 15 minutes each so I might make a few for my stall. I made the same snowflake using 2 different sized hooks and then pinned them out on an old towel. After that I spray starched them so they hold their shape really nicely. I think with a narrow ribbon on these will make quite sweet decorations too.


I also started work on another pair of slippers, this time in a rainbow yarn by West Yorkshire Spinners. The colour changes are quite short, but they are very vibrant. I’ll be interested to see how they work on the dragon scales. I’m taking these very steadily as working around the posts requires a lot of wrist movement.


The coming week looks like it’ll be another steady one. I’ve changed the chair that I crochet in and watched videos about correct posture and better ways to hold my hook, and that has all helped a lot. I’m certainly being more careful, and not doing any crochet marathons any time soon!

What are you working on this week? Have you got any good tips to share for preventing crochet related injuries?

48 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-1st November

  1. I feel your pain as I have been dealing with cubital tunnel syndrome for several years. Luckily, I am okay right now; however it is no fun not being able to work on our crochet or knitting. There are some stretching exercises that help me a lot ( Taking frequent breaks and not working on one thing for too long also helps me. For example, I might work on knitting my socks (size US 1 or 2.25 mm needles) then switch to crocheting on a blanket with a larger hook or switch to a knitting project with larger needles. I think that’s why I always have several projects going on at the same time πŸ™‚

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  2. Your projects look great. Unfortunately I don’t have any advice. May arm problems when they crop up are due to herniated cervical discs, and the pain seems to come and go with the weather. I tend to do other crafts when that happens.

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  3. Take care! You could try some thyme oil, it’s a natural anti-inflammatory. Couple of drops in a carrier oil, or even plain moisturiser, and rub it it. It helped my shoulder…I LOVE those snowflakes!

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  4. I just take plenty of breaks- at work I usually end up sitting in a bad way too (techniclly not just my fault, but eh). I just make sure to drink plenty so I have to go to the lavatory plenty, and make sure to keep my glass full!

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  5. I love the rainbow yarn.. nice and bright and just right for slippers I bet the dragon scales will work out great.. πŸ™‚
    And I love the baubles and stars.. And that is resting!!!!!??? LOL.. you are amazing.. xxx ❀

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  6. thinks: [I will not nag. I will not nag. I will NOT nag!]
    Great post. LOVE LOVE LOVE that Rainbow Wool. O.M.GOODNESS!!!!! I’ve never seen anything so fantastical in wool, in all my life. AHHH MAAAZ INNNG!
    I was thinking about you last night and a little thought came into my head for ‘baubles’ … Christmas Puddings!
    You’ve very likely thought about them already and discounted them… but I thought I’d mention the idea just in case.
    Now then … aren’t you proud of me? I didn’t nag once.
    Sending OOoooodles of squidges ~ Cobs. x

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    1. Haha, when I saw you had liked the post I thought ‘Oh heck, I’m in for a telling off’ πŸ˜‚ I like the idea of Christmas puddings, I might have to look out for a pattern now. 😊 I’m super proud that you managed to hold in all of the nagging! X

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      1. I shall make myself a badge! Or a sticker like you get when you go to the Dentist.
        I stopped myself from nagging my blogging friend, even though I love her to pieces and am looking after her health.
        Yup.. a little sticker the size of a planet should be about right for all that wordage.
        [laughing here] eeek! 😊 xxx

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  7. Aw those baubles are so sweet and the snowflakes are really pretty, they’ll make great wee decorations!
    I got some of that rainbow yarn for my birthday and I’ve been wondering what to do with it. Can’t wait to see how it looks as dragon scales .

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  8. My aunt Z taught me crochet and was still crocheting at 101 when she passed on. Her biggest thing in teaching me this craft was to hold my thread and needle correctly. She said when I’m old (now) I would thank her. I believe she was ahead of her time on this lesson as I’ve avoided pain from that cubical sp?tunnel so far. Now staying off the cell phone is another thing altogether lol

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