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Wonky Winter Woollies

Winter may not be a technically accurate description for the time of year, though there is a distinct nip in the air here lately (and autumn does not alliterate with winter or woollies so it would have been a rubbish post title!) The chilly turn has made me dig out my hand knitted socks, and prompted me to get a shift on finishing my wrist warmers. It’s the season for hand knits, and the problem with a lot of them is that they come in pairs, which means you are supposed to make them look the same. Not just in a vaguely similar kind of way, but in a completely identical way. There lies the challenge!

The socks, which I knitted back in June, had only been worn once when we were on holiday. I hadn’t realised quite how lovely and warm they were until I put them on this morning and we went out for a walk. I really ought to make some more, I have plenty of yarn left. I was a bit lazy making these and didn’t really make an effort to match the yarn when I started them. The difference doesn’t bother me hugely, though there is a part of inner perfectionist that squirms a little every time I look at them too closely. What they lack in identicality they make up for in comfort, they fit so nicely. I have a feeling these may become winter favourites!


On Friday I finished the knitted wrist warmers. These poor things have been doomed from the start, when I said I didn’t really like the way the hand dyed yarn had knitted up. I managed to miss an increase on the first one but couldn’t figure out where, so the thumb is a bit snugger than I’d like. Because I didn’t know where I’d missed the increase, I just followed the pattern to the letter for the second one. Or so I thought. Cabling isn’t something I’m very proficient at, but this pattern used a very basic one that should have been easy to follow. However, somewhere along the way (possibly because I was car knitting and navigating at the same time) I did a cable in the wrong direction. I failed to notice it amongst the ‘hundreds and thousands vomit’ yarn until I’d done the top ribbing. At that point I just thought ‘stuff it’ as I’d already messed up the first one. These unfortunate little souls don’t even make it into the category of fraternal twins, more like second cousins twice removed. To add insult to injury, they didn’t even keep my hands warm at the allotment fireworks last night. I guess some things just aren’t meant to be. They are the wonkiest winter woollies ever, but I shall try to love them on the less chilly days.


Have you ever had a problem making knitted items identical? Have you any tips for my future projects (once I’ve recovered from the failure of the wristwarmers)? (My advice to myself is just don’t do any cable knitted projects!) What are your favourite ever winter woolly patterns? Please share!

37 thoughts on “Wonky Winter Woollies

  1. Oops with the wonky hand warmers – I am reluctant to knit ‘pairs’ for many reasons – one of which is that I get bored knitting the same thing twice, and secondly, I fear the second won’t be the same as the first exactly. You should be proud of showing off your wonkiness and wear them with pride anyway! Well done.

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  2. I think they are super!!.. and yes, I have made some finger-less mittens before and you will not believe it but to begin with I made the same glove twice.. i forgot which part of the pattern I was following.. until I got to the thumb and made the thumb and realised it was for the same hand.. LOL.. Laugh.. thankfully only the thumb it had to be unpicked back and not the whole mitten.. πŸ˜€ LOVE these xx
    Have a great week xx

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  3. The socks look soooo soft and inviting! They don’t match… well you need to see both my daughters! The pair of them – one in her 30’s and one about to be in her 30’s (if I let her live that long) – both wear socks … but both of them never wear a proper pair. They purposely choose socks of different colours and designs.
    When they were younger and lived at home, it used to drive me NUTS! Washing became a nightmare because I had nothing which matched – so some went in the whites, some mixed colours and some in darks. I couldn’t pair them up on the washing line, nor when I was sorting and folding. In the end …. I couldn’t even tell which socks belonged to which daughter.
    It was something that began as a fad in school and which has continued throughout their lives. I even found Little Cobs had different socks on when he came to us on Saturday. Apparently, his mummy (our daughter) said he’d chosen them himself. Ahhh, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. lol
    The socks are grand …. and the hand warmers … so long as that thumb isn’t cutting the blood supply off, you’ll be right mate! (as the Australians say).
    Sending wintery warm squidges (it’s bloomin’ chilly here too!) ~ Cobs. xxx

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  4. Saw this and instantly thought of you:

    The finished product is too big to be hung on a Christmas tree, but …. I did think that it could be made into a wonderful scented smelly for hanging somewhere like in the living room or hallway or kitchen .. over Christmas.
    If you could add a little teeny bag of cinnnamon spice sewn up in cotton (or tied up tightly so that it doesn’t pop) and put into the middle of some of that white stuffing you find in cushions (buy a cheap cushion from somewhere like Poundland or something like that and cut it open to get at the stuffing inside) .. and wrap the little bundle bag of cinnamon inside the stuffing – then put inside a double make of the Gingerbread man (but no decorations on the back – just plain brown) and stitch up! One instant Christmas aroma for selling at your craft fair.

    Obviously … wrist allowing. ~ Cobs. xx

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  5. I love your pink socks – the colour is divine. I’ve started knitting again after nearly 40 (!!!) years and really enjoying it. My partner has asked me to knit him some socks. My first reaction was ‘you’re kidding me’, but your post has inspired me!

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