WIP Wednesday-8th November

This week has been far more productive than the last few as I’ve only worked two days, so I’ve had more time for crochet. I tried a new strategy this week too, as I have had to be careful not to damage my arm/neck/shoulder. I like to crochet/craft generally for pleasure and I find it tricky to do that before the housework and other jobs are done, preferring to get the hard work out of the way and then have a crochet marathon. However, this week, I’ve done one job, then a bit of crochet, and then gone back to do another job. This has worked really well as I’ve not overdone it on my arm but got loads done.

I was really curious to see how the rainbow yarn would work up in the slippers. So far I’ve only done the foot part of one slipper as the stitches involved (working around the post) are really hard on my wrist so I only work on them for a very short time. The colours worked fairly well in a pattern until I got to the decreases for the toes and it went out of synch. I quite like the effect, though I can’t look at it for too long as it is almost hypnotic! In the photo I have squashed the slipper so you can see the colour patterns more clearly. I’m looking forward to making the scales with this yarn!


As well as that, I’ve been working on items for the craft fair that is in 17 days! I found a chart for stars, and turned it into a written pattern. It only takes 10 minutes to make a star, so I can whip up a few more quite easily. I’m currently investigating ways to add hanging loops prettily; I have seen buttons used very nicely so I might give that a go. I’ve also made more snowmen and a santa. I’m not sure the santas will sell as well as snowmen so I don’t think I’ll make too many. I have also experimented with different snowman accessories, as the top hats and elf hats are cute but they take as long to make as a full snowman head. The bobble hat is my favourite, though I’m going to have to turn to craft pompoms for the tops as I really can’t find an effective way to make a pompom that can’t be pulled apart. I’ve tried all sorts; the Repeat Crafter Me glue ones; surgical knots; cotton yarn and I am done with them! I love a hand made pompom but I’m not prepared to compromise on quality and make items that won’t last 5 minutes. The snowman with ear muffs is ‘ok’ but I might tweak the pattern slightly. (I wrote that myself and I think they might need to be a little larger.) The good news is that my craft fair stash is growing nicely!


What are you working on this week? Do you have any advice for selling at a craft fair? Please let me know what you’re up to!

36 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-8th November

  1. I too am working on Craft Fair items for November 18th. I will be putting up a blog post soon. I love selling at craft fairs, however, I get conflicted about how to price my items. I don’t want to under price my items as it takes a fair amount of time to make these things, but I also don’t want to make them too expensive either. Do you have any ideas? I think it might depend on who we think will be buying the items.

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    1. Sounds fab, it’s exciting getting ready for craft fairs. I have priced my snowmen baubles at £4 each, and had orders for 8 within hours of posting on my facebook page. The stars I will price at £1.50 each. The craft fair is in our village hall, and, having been to one as a buyer, they don;t get overly busy. Like you say, it depends where you live. I also check etsy for similar items for guide prices too.

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  2. The slipper looks great in the rainbow yarn, I bet the crocodile stitches will look amazing! Love the stars, it’s great to have a simple project that you can whip up quickly. I haven’t had a lot of time for crafting, although I have tons of projects on the go. I hope I find some time soon!

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  3. You are a brave soul. I hope all of your effort and talent pays off. Around here I don’t think fairs pay very well. I can’t think of any thing worse than making 100 cards and bring 75 back home.
    Best of luck because your work is really nice and so cute.

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    1. Thank you, I’m not too worried as it’s a charity one so if nothing else I will have donated £5 to a worthy cause. Also I have orders for 9 of the baubles for after the craft fair so they will go to good homes lol

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  4. Glad to hear you have found a way to get some crochet time that doesn’t strain. I’m a bit the same I have to have what housework I am going to do that day done (particularly if it is my floor wash day – floors take me hours!) so I don’t feel to bad about working on a project – although I will start if it is only the clothes washing I’m doing.
    The decorations are amazing – love the pom pom – but do understand about the lasting more than 5 minutes – no suggestions on a longer lasting pom pom from me. Bought ones sound like a great alternative.

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  5. I like your stars, the yarn is perfect for them! My best advice for a craft fair is make for your audience. If it’s a holiday fair then you are on the right path. I’m doing a school fundraiser craft fair this weekend and am making a lot of little items (in bright colors) that kids can afford as presents or for themselves. Good luck!

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  6. Those stars are perfect! I also love the bottle hat one. I’m the same as you crocheting away for a craft fair. Good luck! As long as you price items that will make your yarn back you should be fine. And as someone else said, make for your audience.

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  7. Ohhh … love everything … but adore those stars! Those are going to go down really well at the Craft Fair. If I were going to it, I’d buy all of those stars. They’re just too darling to resist. (And I could use them on my cards!).
    Sending crafty hugs and still sending healing vibes for that wrist/arm/shoulder. Please be careful with it. Love ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. Ah thank you, glad you like the stars. I wasn’t sure whether they were a bit too plain but they are quick to make and I need things like that to bulk my stall out! x x


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