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The Quest For the Perfect Pompom

I’m normally quite a stubborn person (determined is a nicer world!) and therefore I don’t give up easily. Despite me declaring in my WIP Wednesday post that I was ‘quitting’ making home made pompoms, my fellow bloggers have aided and abetted me by providing links, and my stubborn side won over. In the name of science, I tried out a couple of the links, and I think (about 90% sure) that I’ve cracked it!

The first tutorial I tried was one that was recommended on a crochet group I’m in on Facebook. It’s by Repeat Crafter Me and they use hot glue, but I used all purpose glue and I’m a liability with hot things. It held together well, but because I’m making mini pompoms it had a ‘crusty’ finish from the glue as I trimmed it down. I suspect hot glue would have given a similar effect too, with lumps added in for good measure. I’m sure for larger pompoms it would work fine though. No photos as I binned the pompom before I decided to write this post. (Honesty is the best policy, right?) Also it’s quite hard to capture a texture on camera!

The second (and last) tutorial was suggested by the fantastic Rusted Pansy. It’s a video tutorial and was really helpful, as well as being the most successful one I tried. It seems completely logical that for a pompom to hold together, something needs to attach the strands to one another as well as tie them around the middle. I like the fact that you literally sew through the centre part several times before you fluff the pompom, it works really well and doesn’t need anything fancy. (Top tip though, if you use a marker to wrap the yarn around as suggested in the video, DO NOT let your 3 year old see where you store the ‘special pens’. If you do happen to do that, surgical spirit removes permanent marker from most surfaces. I know, because I had to try it.)

And here is the finished pompom that does not fall apart!


I hope you managed to contain your excitement!

Now I can carry on making the cute snowmen/ladies with pompom hats and have pompoms that maths the hats. I’d better get cracking-the craft fair is in 13 days! Thank you very much to The Rusted Pansy for the link, and I hope my ‘not very scientific’ experiments help those of you who are facing similar pompom battles. (It’s the time time year when everyone is making hats, so I can imagine it’s a popular search right now.)



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