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Five Minute Make Camper Van Card

Yes, I have made a card. I still do, occasionally, despite all of my recent posts being about slippers and snowmen!

I realised today when I looked at my Garmin that this card should be with it’s recipient today, but I made it this evening so it will get there on Tuesday.

I really am pushed for time with all the craft fair prep so this one had to be a speedy make. I began by using ink pads in three shades of green to create an ombre effect on some white card. I then die cut the camper van and greeting from my newly coloured card. (Top tip-let the ink dry otherwise you’ll have to use a baby wipe to get the ink off your dies. Best to go off and do something else whilst it dries, if not your clean up time is longer than your crafting time and that’s just no fun!)

I then found a green card scrap which went with one of the shades of green ink, trimmed it to size, matted it with some white card and stuck the camper van on. After that I just attached it to the card, added the greeting and it was done. I loved this card as it didn’t require me to empty out my craft cupboard. All I needed was card, ink, dies, die cutter, tape, glue and a trimmer. (Oh and baby wipes to clean up the inky mess.)


If you look carefully, you can see that the ombre effect goes up the camper van and across the greeting. I’d like to say it was intentional but they didn’t both fit on the inked area any other way.  I think it makes it look ‘interesting’.

What are your go to card designs when you’re in a hurry? (I tend to use butterflies or flowers for feminine cards, but masculine designs often leave me perplexed and overthinking.)

18 thoughts on “Five Minute Make Camper Van Card

  1. I love the ombré effect on the camper and text, it gives it a nice touch. I always have a hard time coming up with more masculine themed cards, this one is perfect! I’m not sure I have any specific go to designs…maybe animals. I do a lot of cards with cats and/or dogs on them, when I actually get making cards.

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  2. What would we crafters do without baby wipes lol. Lovely card. I usually go for a seascape or birds for the men I have to make for. I do make the odd footie card for charity as I know they are what a lot of people want but never make one for my own use. Also useful tip for when you want quick ones like your camper van is to make some inky background papers (if you ever get a spare hour or two) and keep in stock – then its just a quick cut and stick.

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