WIP Wednesday-22nd November

This week has been a marathon of Christmas fair preparation, including getting packaging labelled, adding hanging loops and making little labels for the snowmen to say they aren’t toys. I haven’t made as much as I would like to, but I am at the point where I’ve accepted I can only make so much and that whatever I do make is a bonus.

I’ve experimented with a few colour schemes for hats for the snowmen, including a few ‘almost twins’ and some stripy ones. I have 16 so far, with plans to make a couple more by the weekend.

The stars and snowflakes have all had ribbon loops added, after being pinned out and having spray starch applied. I think they look quite delicate and lacy. There aren’t very many but I will make a few more by the weekend.

I have also whipped up a couple more of the crochet bauble covers in both icy blues and tradition red, white and green. Again, I haven’t made many as I don’t know how well they will sell and I don’t want to be left with tonnes of them!

Mr C and I had a day out last week and I picked up a table top LED lit twig tree to display things on at the fair from one of the shops. I’m hoping it will show them all off nicely! The photos below show the different items I’m planning to take; the stars and snowflakes don’t show up so well against the white background but you can get the idea.

collage 2017-11-22 07_04_191583788565..jpg

What have you been working on this week? Are you in full festive mode with your crafting now? I’d love to hear, feel free to leave a link or find me on Instagram so I can see your work.

36 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-22nd November

  1. You are one crafty lady and they will sale like hot cakes I’m sure.
    I did get a gift Christmas card in the mail today and will try to blog after he receives it. I am rather pleased how it turned out but don’t know how many more times I will attempt the card. I was pretty involved because I went crazy on it. I am sure there is a simpler way to do it.
    Other than that it has been cleaning and cooking for our Thanksgiving Day. this might be the last time I attempt this too. LOL

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  2. Those Christmas items are gorgeous; I love them! Today I’m posting a Secret Santa gift to the recipient in New Zealand. I used to join a lot of swaps in Blogland but now just do the one organised by Chookyblue. I sewed a drawstring bag out of hexagons and then made some knitted and crocheted decorations to put in the inside pockets. It was a challenge to get everything finished by posting date. 😉

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  3. Fabulous post. Beautiful makes. LOVE the blue and pink hatted snow men/women. They would make the perfect ‘Babies First Christmas’ baubles, instead of the mass produced ones you can see in the shops.
    My final tip … try to get your table set up early … so that you will get chance to take photographs of the set up, and of the items. It sounds like a ‘nothing’ type of thing … but beleive me when I tell you that your memory won’t help you several years down the line when you’re trying to reminisce and can’t quite remember what was on that corner, or hung over ‘there’. I learnt this from sad experience. They opened the doors at my very first craft fair, ten minutes early, and I didn’t get chance to take photos, so there are no photos of my stuff nor of us dressed up in victorian gear. (It was a Victorian Themed Craft Fair in a very nice place … and no photo’s!!! sigh).
    Make sure you get photos Mrs.C. Even if they’re only for your scrapbook. ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. Thank you for the advice, and all of your ideas and support. I couldn’t get an embroidery hoop sadly so never even tested your wonderful idea. 😓 However, I think I’m nearly ready. I shall take a photo of my table, what a shame you didn’t get a chance to photograph yours. I feel like such an amateur as I just have my items, a tree and a few pretty trays. I haven’t even got my tablecloth yet!
      Thank you again x


  4. There is so much to do when getting ready for a craft fair and there will never enough time to make all the things you want. Your decorations are lovely – the snowmen are very cute and the snowflakes look so delicate. Just as a snowflake should. Good luck with the fair.

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