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Book Advent Calendar 2017 

Immediately after the craft fair last Saturday, Mr C and I began our Christmas preparations. For us, this involved wrapping all of the books for our advent calendar for the children. We had made the most of an offer at The Works and ordered 10 new ones to replace old/broken books and those which were too ‘young’ for the children now. (When we started this, our daughter was still only 1 so there were some touchy feely books and so on, but we are well past that stage!)

Here’s a link to my original post on this from last year, sharing all of the benefits of it and how we managed to get started without spending a fortune.

We will also have the hanging calendar which I made last year. I can’t wait to get it all set up again!

13 thoughts on “Book Advent Calendar 2017 

  1. This is so lovely. It’s cool that you don’t feel the need to start over with a completely new set of books and I’m sure some of them will become yearly ‘musts’. Do you have the night before Christmas in that pile? That was one of our yearly musts. I love your comment in your original part about this tradition being rid of bedtime procrastination… It’s a win win situation!

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