WIP Wednesday-29th November

Brrr, the weather here has really taken a chilly turn, so my current WIP is very well timed (and will hopefully be finished VERY soon!) I’d decided to set my self a project just for me for after the craft fair, and knew exactly what I wanted to make.

I’d had a  pattern for owl wrist warmers in my Ravelry queue for a while, and even ordered the yarn well in advance. (I chose Drops Nepal, and it is perfect for these, lovely and warm, plus it’s aran weight so it knits up quickly!) Anyway, having knitted my self some wristwarmers I decided I needed some mittens instead as they didn’t quite keep me warm enough at football and winter hasn’t even set in yet. Easy, I thought, I’ll just keep knitting and add mitten tops. Then I re read the pattern and decided not to use it as it didn’t include instructions for the thumbs (pretty essential in my book).

After a bit of thinking, I googled a mitten pattern so I could just use the owl motif and add it in. I came across this pattern by Tin Can Knits and it is amazing (and free!) It covers all sizes and yarn weights, making it my kind of pattern. (I never seem to have the right yarn weight!) Then I decided it was too complicated to pick out the owl part of the original pattern. So now I had a mitten pattern but no owl! I had another search and found a pattern for an owl motif. I thought I was sorted, it had the right number of stitches (16, and each side of the mittens was 18 stitches), and was relatively simple.

Once I started knitting the motif, I discovered that the owl pattern was wrong (I triple checked how I had followed the instructions). Luckily, and despite it being my 3rd or 4th attempt at cabling ever, I managed to work it out. As well as cabling, I was increasing for the thumb gusset every 3rd round, so I wrote out the list of rounds with which ones needed increases, alongside the cable instructions. I also used my gauge to work out how many rows to knit ‘plain’ before and after the motif so it was roughly in the middle of the mitten lengthwise. It took a lot of working out but mitten 1 came out fine. Then I had to move the cable part of the pattern to the other side and write it all out again!


I’m up to the decreases on mitten number 2 now, so they should be finished tonight. I think some tiny buttons would look nice for the eyes so I’m going to look in my button jars later.

I’m really pleased that the maths worked out, and the mitten I’ve completed is lovely and cosy. (So much for an ‘easy’ project!) Hopefully they will be ready for the weekend (Friday if I crack on). I think it is unlikely I will wash and block these before wearing them as it is just so cold and I need gloves. What have you worked on this week? Let me know!

23 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-29th November

  1. That sounds very clever, and they look fab! So squishy and warm.
    I’m working away on snorlax, and I’ve also started a couple of preemie octopods – one for an actual preemie baby (a friend is being induced tomorrow), and one for another friend who just thinks they’re cute. Amigurumi all the way!

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  2. Aw they look so warm and cosy …. and so clever too! I think you’re right … buttons would pull the design together and make it a happy face. I hope you can find the right ones.
    Well done you clever thing. I think you’re amazing. ~ Cobs. xxx

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      1. Good tip Mrs Cobs, I only need 5 or 6mm buttons and I think they might be a bit fiddly lol. I have green or brown in tiny buttons and I just can’t choose. Good job the weather’s warmed up a bit here! X

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