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WIP Wednesday-6th December

December is so full of events that WIPs have taken a back seat, or had very slow progress. Nativities, discos, Christmas fairs, you name it, it’s on my calendar! (Some days have more than one!) Anyway, I’ve still found a few minutes here and there, in between writing cards and wrapping presents.

My first (and main) WIP is a pair of slippers which make up the last part of a quite large order. They are child sized so don’t take too long to make, and the scales are made of half treble crochet rather than treble so they are a bit quicker than adult ones on that front too. I have some lovely dark wood buttons to go on these, I think they will suit the colour of the yarn beautifully.


The next photo is kind of a cheat, but it has been a WIP twice (and frogged twice!) I want to make myself an infinity scarf and I just haven’t found the right pattern. Also I have a ‘talent’ for being able to mess up even the simplest lace pattern, and I wanted some lace to make it ‘breathable’. (Is that the right word? I just want it to have holes in that look like they are meant to be there and make some kind of pretty pattern.) Hopefully I will come across an idiot proof pattern and get on with it soon.


Anyway, that’s the sum of my WIPs this week, my son has noticed that his blanket is still in a bag under my bed so I suspect that I may get that out again once the slippers are finished. What are you working on? Please share!

27 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-6th December

  1. It’s such a busy time of year! My cardigan is still languishing in a WIP bag. I’m not quite sure what the hindrance is. I’ve got a hat I’m going to partially frog as I dont like how it was looking. And I’ve started a new sewing project. As if I didn’t have enough on the go!

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      1. Oh, I’m winging it on the hat pattern. I’ve reknitted two repeats and it looks much better but now I’ve run out of the main colour. Which was why I went for a different pattern in the first place. *sigh*

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  2. I can totally understand ‘busy’. I keep taking photos of things I’ve made, but don’t seem able to find the time to load them onto the ‘puter and then blog about them. Time just keeps running out!
    Well done on the makes so far, and those in their journey.
    Sending crafty vibes ~ and love ~ Cobs. xxx

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      1. Ooooo…. I have… and because I love you soooo much … I share!

        BUT …. there are plenty on there, you just have to put: Hermione Time Turner in the search bar. They have different ones – all slightly different. So look at them carefully and have a read of both the descriptions and the reviews, to help you buy your favourite one. πŸ˜€

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  3. Oh it’s busy busy right now! I stupidly said I would make some fingerless gloves to go into a raffle we’re holding at work, and the deadline is tomorrow! I’m using super chunky yarn and an 8mm hook so hopefully they’ll go quickly and be ready in time! At least I didn’t say full gloves :p

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