FO Friday-29th December

I’d made it my mission to complete this project before the end of the year, and managed it with a few days to spare. Way back at the end of summer, I started an Attic24 blooming flower cushion in shades to match our newly decorated bedroom. The colours were meant to pick out the ones in the wallpaper, and I selected two shades of grey (the wallpaper has some slightly metallic silver in but I didn’t want a metallic yarn for my cushion), white and duck egg blue in Sylecraft Special DK. It genuinely is a really nice acrylic to work with; soft but not with a tendency to go fluffy.

This poor project was put away for quite some months whilst I made items for my business, so it was lovely to complete my last orders and then get it out again. I genuinely thought it would take me ages to complete-as the rounds got larger and larger they took much longer, especially the ones with petals on. 

I also had the dilemma of a cushion pad, as nowhere local stocked round ones and I couldn’t find any online that had good reviews. In the end, I cut two circles from an old white pillowcase, sewed them together and added stuffing. It did the job just fine!

The back of the cushion cover was quite quick because you simply miss out the petal rounds, apart from the final one. There aren’t any photos of that because it just isn’t very exciting!

Overall I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, and there was loads of yarn left so I’m making a hot water bottle cover too, but in a different crochet stitch. The only thing I would probably change about this project is going down a hook size, as the cushion shows through the holes. Much of it is made up of treble crochets (UK terms) so there are lots of gaps between stitches. 

I think this might be my final FO of 2017, so if I don’t post before I want to wish all of my readers a Happy New Year! 

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