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17 for 2017-December (and Final!) Update

Happy New Year to everyone who follows (or reads but doesn’t follow!) my little blog. Well done if you’ve followed this all year, it’s certainly been a busy one! I know for a fact before I even start writing about these goals properly that some haven’t been met. And you know what? I’m not going to beat my self up because I also achieved things in 2017 that weren’t on my list. Fancy that!

17 cupboards/drawers/storage areas sorted (19 or maybe 20)

I’ve sorted the bookshelves this month and finally brought myself to part with some of the childrens’ baby books. Some are going to charity shops; others are going to a friend. Hopefully they will all find new homes where they will be enjoyed rather than ignored because we’ve outgrown them. One thing I learned from this goal is that having a good clearout of stuff is not a one time only job, I just need to keep clearing an area or two a month to keep on top of it. The biggest area for this is kids stuff-especially toys and clothes.

16 new recipes tried (15)

I didn’t try anything new in December. I am going to try some new things in 2018 though, as our family repertoire has got a little dull lately.

15 minutes per day on household admin

I am better now at just picking up things and dealing with them straight away. However, some aspects of family admin are out of my control (like letters for my child’s school trip getting ‘lost’ before they reach me, leaving me unaware that he needs wellies, money and a pack up as well as a permission slip signed). We keep trying!

14 blog posts per month

December had a paltry 7 blog posts. I’d like to think they were all quality ones! I have a few little seeds for ideas for future posts so hopefully January may be a little better.

13 tutorial posts in the year (9)

Still no more.

12 frugal things

We helped Santa out by purchasing the bikes our children asked for, and happened to get them on a good offer. We also utilised Mr C’s staff discount card on double discount day to make a few last minute purchases. Overall, I think we are fairly sensible, but part of being frugal is having time to search for bargains and the ability to get to shops where items are on especially good deals. It is frustrating to miss out on a deal on something you really need or want just because you’re at work! We keep trying our best with this one too.

11 photos of the whole family (5)

One cheesy Christmas family selfie added to this target quite nicely.

10 comments/likes/both on other blog posts per day

I was not so good at this when at work, in the middle of the month I was really not well with a cold and just went to sleep as soon as I got into bed instead of reading blogs. I think I need to set aside more time for this and make sure it happens.

9 crochet projects completed (at least 20)

My hook has been on fire this year, I’ve made so many things and I’m proud of them all!

8 times more spent setting up photos than taking them

I really haven’t tried hard with this goal, I think the faff of getting all of the stuff out for photos and then taking the photo puts me off. If I could leave it out it would be so much easier! Maybe my photos are destined to always look totally amateur.

7 patterns written (4)

Still no more. This is probably more of a longer term goal for me.

6 new places visited (12)

We went inside the Miller’s House at the windmill near us to visit Santa. I’m counting this because it is newly refurbished and we hadn’t been in there yet.

5 outings with friends organised (8)

We met up for a rather tasty brunch at a local farm shop to catch up and exchange Christmas cards, it was lovely.Β 

4 cards made per month

I made three this month which is an improvement!

3Β seasons of harvesting on the allotment

I grew the parsnips and then we didn’t have lunch at home so I didn’t get them for my lunch. However, I have lined up a rather nice parsnip soup recipe. They have grown really well, so this goal has been achieved. I’m glad we didn’t plant any over winter crops as this was what our plot looked like on Saturday. It’ll dry up fairly swiftly so I’m quite relaxed about it. No ducks have moved in yet, luckily.


2 workouts per week

Nope, a combination of being ill and being busy have just cut this one short. I’m not sure where I will go with this in 2018.

1 Slimming World Target certificate

I ended the year lighter than I started it, and have bought clothes 2 sizes smaller than 18 months ago. There’s still a way to go, but I’m not too disappointed.

0 unnecessary craft purchases

Maybe I have made a few purchases I didn’t need, but I think I’ve been pretty restrained. I’m going to have a good sort through and put some bundles on eBay so that my cupboard is a bit neater too.

And now for the things that weren’t on the list (I have mentioned some of them before, but I thought they deserved a spot on this post too).

  • I started my own business. It’s small, but it’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time and I’m pleased I did it.
  • Following on from that, I attended my first craft fair as a seller, which was both daunting and rewarding.
  • I got a permanent job (this is a biggie when you need to get a mortgage sorted!) I had applied for two jobs, failing to even get to interview stage. They were real low points, so when I was offered a job I was thrilled and accepted straight away.
  • I followed my instincts. It was tough at times, but when I was offered (and turned down) other jobs that I knew were ‘wrong’ I kept my faith that it would all be ok in the end, and knew when to say yes.
  • I discovered Instagram. I know, it’s old news and it practically makes me a dinosaur that I wasn’t using it before. I quite enjoy looking at the photos of other crafters and allotmenteers though, and hope to progress with it in 2018.

So, that’s my year! Ups, downs and bits in the middle, but all in all not a bad one. Now to set some goals for 2018. I’m not sure I will do 18 for 2018 as I simply can’t think of that many goals. If there’s one other thing 2017 taught me, it’s that Wonderwoman is NOT REAL! I cannot do everything, there are 24 hours in a day, and having too many goals can just suck the fun out of it a bit. So if you have any suggestions for other fun ways to set goals, or any blogging events to take part in, please let me know as I would love to hear about them.

27 thoughts on “17 for 2017-December (and Final!) Update

  1. This is very impressive list of goals and you have completed a lot during this year! Very nice read, ty for sharing. Also, somehow I can’t see the place where could I like the post, has it disappeared or I just couldn’t see it through the phone? Also, what is your instagram name?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Okay, after refreshing the page the like button appeared again. So if I understood correctly, you wrote that type of overview posts monthly to look back on how you have been doing? This seems to be a good idea. I thought to make one when 6 months has passed but maybe sooner is better.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I found it quite tricky to remember my progress even writing monthly, I think if I’d maybe kept a paper copy and scribbled on it occasionally that would have helped. I’d say do what suits you best 😊

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Yo u did very well my dear. some things just never come out and others sneak in. I’m guessing from the picture you have boots (wellies) for the muck . They do come in handy don’t they?
    Happy New Year and carry on.


  3. Sounds like a fantastic, productive, fun year to me πŸ™‚ I’m seeing my goals more as guidelines than absolute musts, so it’ll be amazing if I meet them all but if not then it’s not the end of the world

    Liked by 1 person

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