A Cosy Couple

I could have titled this post many things, but FO Friday was a definite no (as it’s clearly not Friday) and this was the least cheesy of a very cheesy bunch. The two hot water bottle covers I’ve been working on are finally done, so I decided it was time to share them.


The left one will be mine, and was made using this pattern from Ravelry. (Imagine my surprise when I posted this photo in a crochet Facebook group and the designer of the pattern commented!) The cover on the right is for Mr C, and is block stitch worked in the round. The choices of patterns were tricky initially as a lot of the hot water bottle covers I’ve seen had buttons on, and I really didn’t want those because I think they could be very uncomfortable. The ties I made to gather the tops are just long chains using two strands of yarn, but they have gone curly. If they really annoy me I’ll pin them out and steam them with the iron help over them (at a safe distance).

The fact that they are made using the same yarn colours but look totally different really pleases me, as I didn’t want them to be too ‘matchy’. The darker grey on Mr C’s definitiely makes it look more masculine, whereas using the duck egg as the main colour for mine gave a much lighter effect. All of the yarn is Stylecraft Special DK, mainly because acrylic yarn is much more washable than other types and also because the range of colours is very large so I could put together my perfect mix.

I think that I’m done with accessories for our room (for now!), but it’s been fun putting colours together and making things that match our wallpaper.

What has been your favourite home decor project? Where did you get your inspiration from?


55 thoughts on “A Cosy Couple

      1. A friend said she fills some soda bottles with hot water so I tried it with a sturdy plastic bottle we had from some herbal shake, and it immediately shrivelled like a witch foot from Wizard of Oz. Oops.

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      2. I have an ancient actual water bottle or two somewhere from decades back, but fear age may have weakened them, so perhaps buying some that are expected to work properly might be wisest.

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      3. I was shocked when the one that I confidently filled, based onj the fact that it seemed sturdy, shrivelled right up. Interestingly, I did indeed find one of my older ones last night in a box of second-string bathroom supplies, but won’t try it in the room the cats sleep in. I’ve seen them in action! I’ll put it in the other room where they do not go and hope for the best.

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  1. My favourite project was covering three canvases with fabric I bought at Ikea. It was not an intensive craft project, very easy involving only cutting and stapling, but I was delighted with the professional result with fabric that was very inexpensive.

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  2. They look great! Started to think that I should get a hot water bottle for myself also and maybe cover it in the future. As I have 0 right now but I used to use one when I lived with my parents. I think my recent favourite home decor items are the Tunisian crocheted pillow covers but the baskets and rug look great also.

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  3. Lovely hotty covers! You can’t beat a handmade cover – my own favourite was my second stranded knitting project – not the best make but I love how it looks like a ‘fairisle’ jumper with a rolled neck, still on the bottle, now rather well loved! My inspiration for craft projects comes from everywhere and anywhere – blogs, books, the coast, friends, tv and so on and so on.

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  4. Oh wow! How clever are you?! Miss Hot Water Bottle Coverer of the Year!!
    They look so perfect together, but like you say, the one of the right really does look more for the Mr. and the one of the left, for the Mrs. But they make a really great team!
    Well done, you clever designer lady. I think they’re brilliant. (pretty too) ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. Thank you, my favourite part of it all is designing-planning colours, patterns and trying to make it all work together. There have been a few epic fails along the way! X


      1. Fails? What is this word ‘fails’???
        You don’t have ‘fails’ … you have options which you try to see if you like them – almost all of the time you do… just occasionally – you don’t. So you do your other option. That’s not a fail – simply trying your options.
        Fails pffft!

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  5. I love these and have added the pattern to my Ravelry Library. Your colors are gorgeous and I adore how they coordinate; however you can tell they are different. So pretty! One of my favorite home decor projects was taking a framed mirror, where the mirror had broke and turned it into a memo board. I used the cardboard in the mirror since it was nice and sturdy and wrapped quilt batting and fabric around it and stapled it down. Then I added criss-crossed ribbons to hold mementos. It turned out so beautiful and I love it πŸ™‚

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