FO Friday-19th January

I’ve found myself struggling for craft time this week, but I did manage to make my daughter a pair of mittens.

She has lost a few pairs this winter (and hadn’t had any at all for a week) but the weather has turned extra chilly again so on Tuesday after we dropped her big brother off at school we had a look in my scrap yarn box. She pretty much dived on this rainbow yarn and the decision was made very quickly. I had already dug out my Tin Can Knits world’s simplest mittens pattern so we had a relaxing day of tv, jigsaws (her) and knitting (me).

They didn’t take too long but the yarn was horrid to knit with. It was an Aldi special buy from three years ago and if it hadn’t been made of acrylic it would probably have been called an art yarn (as in uneven thickness, which made choosing needles hard work-was it chunky? Aran? Who even knows?)

By the end of the day my fingers were sore from using it, but madam had mittens that fitted. Perhaps if I’d used larger needles it might have been easier but I wanted a dense fabric to keep her warm.

She wore them on Wednesday and managed to get them wet before she had even walked to pre school so they spent the day on the radiator. I tried!

Have you ever made a regrettable yarn choice? What did you do? (I binned the rest of this before she could ask for a hat or scarf as it really was so awful to use!)

51 thoughts on “FO Friday-19th January

  1. Lovely colors! I have a WIP scarf that I’m probably never going to complete. I love the color and the feel of the mega bulky yarn, which requires 19mm needles. About a quarter into the scarf I realized the yarn sticks to the giant needles way to much and is painful to work with. I still don’t know if the problem is the yarn or the needles, or both πŸ™‚ Hiding loose ends at joins was another issue. I really liked how my scarf was coming out, nice and soft, so the piece is still sitting in a drawer. The rest of the yarn I’m using in bulky and finger crochet – no problems there πŸ™‚

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  2. For you I can understand the yarn was ‘terrible’ but for a child these must be the most wonderful mittens in the world A) because you made them & B) the colours are awesome ~ you must have the happiest child in pre school

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  3. They look fabulous. Unicorn mittens!
    Perhaps, would it help with the ‘loosing’ of mittens, to do what we used to have when we were little, … a ‘string’ through the arms of our coat, attaching our mittens so that one couldn’t get lost?
    Bad yarn, but GREAT result. ~ C. xxx

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  4. Have you thought of crotcheting a long chain between them so it can go up inside her coat sleeve across her back and down the other arm and stop her losing them so often – we used to call them idiot mitts when i was at school but i did this for both my children when they were young and its easier than keep knitting new ones.

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  5. Those mittens turned out gorgeous!

    Believe it or not, the very first yarn I chose to teach myself to crochet with was awful like that, and nearly impossible to frog, which I needed to do a lot as I was learning. I almost gave up. I don’t even know why I gave it another go with better yarn but I’m glad I did.

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      1. Putting a cord on them can be a safety issue, especially on a young child. It could get caught on playground equipment and strangle them if it gets around their neck.


  6. The colours do look lovely I can see why your daughter was drawn to this yarn. I understand why you had to part with the yarn quickly! I will not be tempted to purchase the same yarn – my kiddos and the bank will be grateful πŸ™‚ Thank you. I haven’t had any crafty time lately – I am currently working 2 jobs which equates to 5 days a week! I haven’t done that for a very long time!

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  7. That is children for you LOL.. πŸ™‚ Loved the finished mittens.. And yes I have made a wrong yarn choice.. A bag of the same wool in plain yarn.. I knitted a cardigan for our granddaughter . No problem,, I finished the whole cardigan and I had almost made it all up putting sleeves in etc, when I saw in the LIGHT of day a line of the shade.. I could see it.. even though hubby said he couldnt see it much and no one would notice..
    So I unpicked it back, I had not enough yarn in the remainder to do a whole front, so had to undo both fronts and make it so both had a line of similar shade across the front.. Night mare.. lol Along with upicking the sleeves shoulder seems side seems etc..
    The post is here with a picture of the cardigan

    A life lesson in patience.. πŸ™‚

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  8. They are beautiful though, and at least you managed to make the mittens and give your wee one what she wanted πŸ™‚ Good idea to get rid of the rest of the yarn though – don’t want her getting any ideas!


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