WIP Wednesday-24th January

Last week I skipped my WIP Wednesday post as my project was just a foundation chain and I couldn’t write a whole post about one wiggly length of white yarn. However, in the last week I have managed to make enough progress to make it post-worthy.

I’m making a baby blanket for a friend, and I have just over 3 months to complete it (I’m hoping it will be done before then!) The pattern I am using is the Bertie Blanket by Little Doolally. It’s a paid pattern, available from Ravelry and is well worth the investment. I chose white as my main colour, with Stylecraft Baby DK in lemon and Special DK in silver and grey for the stripes. (For UK readers, in case you didn’t know, Boyes own brand acrylic yarn is the same as Stylecraft which is very handy. I’d had a sneaking suspicion but found out ‘officially’ from a CE testing group-handy to know if you don’t have a local Stylecraft stockist.)


I was going to make my stripes in a lemon, silver, grey repeat, but decided that was too grey for a baby so I’ve alternated the greys with lemon to make a 4 stripe repeat of lemon, silver, lemon, grey and I much prefer it to my original plan.

The pattern itself is quite easy to follow, though I did mess up the second colour stripe and have to frog it which was a bit frustrating. (Note to self-read the flipping pattern properly.) Now I’ve got the hang of it I’m hoping progress will be fairly quick. I sent the photo above to my friend for her approval and luckily she liked it!

What are you working on this week? Have you started anything new? Feel free to share a link in the comments, or tag me on Instagram so I can have a look. (I’m @craftandothercrazyplans on Insta too!)


57 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-24th January

  1. That looks fabulous and the colours are just perfect! The pattern reminds me of the honeycomb design in knitting that I make at least one thing per year using that pattern.
    As it’s summer here, my next project will be a baby blanket in a cotton blend. Have to get my self ‘into gear’ as the baby was born last Monday! 😂

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  2. It looks cute! I really like to make baby blankets, sadly I have no reason to make one yet. But I finally got my post published that was about testing different Pinterest Pins that were about heart-shaped motives. But as I am planning to make part 2, I will probably continue crocheting hearts. I have also been working on a huge rug project that was hidden for about 11 months due to other projects. I think I will manage to finish it or run out of yarn in coming months.

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  3. The blanket looks lovely. I haven’t crocheted anything it what feels like so long. In reality is only since the week before Christmas where I crocheted myself out haha

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  4. I love the blanket and think the extra rows of lemon are perfect. I’m revisiting my spirits of life CAL which is no longer a CAL as it s finished before Christmas. I’m enjoying it now I’ve got back into it, and am benefiting from the fact that I’ve been keeping more of my evenings free, so i have more crochet time. Little and often is definitely the way forward for me

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  5. What a gorgeous blanket! I love the colour combination, lemon and grey are colours I wouldn’t expect to go well together, though I suppose you’d need a little white in there to make it work. The pattern really shows off the colours well, too! 😊

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  6. Ohhh this is just LOVELY! It looks soft, warm and cosy, and such beautiful colour combinations too.

    It has a traditional feel but with a contemporary twist – and yet I can’t say where the contemporary puts in it’s appearance. Perhaps it’s the silver and grey colours … maybe. But I do know that it’s truly beautiful and so incredibly well made.

    It’s hardly a surprise that your friend likes it. It’s brilliant! You clever thing!
    Squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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  7. Ahh, you are so clever (and yes I know I say that every single time I visit – but you are!) I so want to be able to knit and crochet like you do but I just can’t get my head around it. 😦

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    1. Lol, thank you! I’m in awe of how you manage to home school your children and manage your home so well. I always feel inspired to go and sort something in our house, or make extra effort with activities for the children.


  8. I made a very similar blanket a couple years ago, the pattern was different, but the stitch work looks the same. For me I got tired of working on it, as i just alternated two colors…but the finished product was well worth the perseverance. It is used every night by the little dude I made it for.

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