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Splashing, strolling and bowling

A winter trip to the seaside is a very popular past time, especially on clear, crisp days such as those we are having currently. Blowing away those cobwebs and letting the children explore and burn off their excess energy seemed like a good plan for the day, so yesterday we headed off to Hunstanton (aka…… Continue reading Splashing, strolling and bowling

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WIP Wednesday and Second Blogversary-21st February

Yesterday WordPress informed me that Craftandothercrazyplans has been in existence for two whole years! That means it is two years since I sat in the car with Mr C, nervously waiting to go into the dentist and writing a list of possible blog names. Two years since I did all of the setting up, diving…… Continue reading WIP Wednesday and Second Blogversary-21st February


The Allotment in February

It’s been a while (a long while) since I posted anything much about the allotment. Our winter visits have mainly consisted of feeding, watering and cleaning out the chickens, harvesting the odd parsnip and checking for damage after each of the winter storms. Now, however, our attention has begun to turn to the fast approaching…… Continue reading The Allotment in February

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A WIP Wednesday/FO Friday mash up

I missed WIP Wednesday as I was so busy and didn’t think ahead to schedule a post, so I thought I would combine it with a finished object post too. My FO was actually two papercraft projects made for, and sent to, a friend who is opening her own yarn store this weekend! I’ll start…… Continue reading A WIP Wednesday/FO Friday mash up

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Turning Back The Tide Of Single Use Plastics

Until a couple of months ago, I’d not really heard the term ‘single use plastics’, but recently it’s been a topic of much discussion and awareness has been raised. This site explains more about what they are, and why they are such a huge environmental issue. I’ve always been fairly environmentally conscious, and so I’ve…… Continue reading Turning Back The Tide Of Single Use Plastics