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A WIP Wednesday/FO Friday mash up

I missed WIP Wednesday as I was so busy and didn’t think ahead to schedule a post, so I thought I would combine it with a finished object post too. My FO was actually two papercraft projects made for, and sent to, a friend who is opening her own yarn store this weekend!

I’ll start with my WIP though. I’m still working on the baby blanket-I added 9 stripes this week though so it’s definitely growing. I think it’s just over half way there, although the final size will be determined as I go along. I’ll definitely need more white yarn to complete the border as I have two balls of it and have almost finished the first. It uses around 4g of yarn for every white section (I weighed it so I can minimise waste but not get half way through a row and run out!)

My finished object is actually two things, a card and some bunting. I designed and made both using my Silhouette Cameo 3. The font was a free one and since the shop’s logo incorporates a fishing boat, I thought the rope was quite apt. The shop, Purl-a-row, is based in Par, Cornwall and is also a knitting school. I’m super excited for Lucy, and wish I could visit. If you’re in that part of the country then please do drop in! I made the sheep on the card using the machine and then added some hand spun yarn to make it really wooly. His/her head haircut leaves a bit to be desired, my styling skills were a bit limited and the glue/yarn combination was not working out well for me. It arrived in the post yesterday so I can finally blog about it now!

What are you working on? Have you managed to finish anything this week? Please share, and link to your blog in the comments if you like. You can also find me on Instagram @craftandothercrazyplans.

31 thoughts on “A WIP Wednesday/FO Friday mash up

  1. Cute little EWE! As for your baby blanket if I was me….I would never find the right yarn when I would run out.You are doing a good thing.
    This week I did get mailed the cards I had made earlier. Will blog when they receive them.
    Happy knitting and congrats to the new store.

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  2. What a GREAT post!
    The baby blanket gets better and better. The more it grows, the more beautiful it looks. Very ‘designer’ looking. Like one of the posh shops would stock it.
    The card is inspired! Adore the cute little sheepy, and so apt for the situation!
    The bunting is fabulous.
    Well done you clever thing! I bet your friend LOVED them.
    Very good luck to her and her new venture.
    Sending oodles of love and squidges ~

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  3. How gorgeous! I love the little sheep on the card, it reminds me of picture books when I was younger where you could stroke the kitten, or pat the cow, and there was felt in the book. The baby blanket looks great, as usual, too! 😊

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    1. Thank you, the glue made the wool go hard so it was disappointing to touch but never mind! I’m really hoping to get a good week on the blanket as I want it ready for baby’s arrival.


  4. They’re all so lovely! Looking at the blanket with f.lux doing funny things to my screen, it looks like pretty little clouds floating across a sky 🙂 good luck to your friend with their yarn shop, I will definitely look up Purl-a-row if I’m ever down that way!

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