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Doing Lent Differently-Updated!

Last year, I posted in the middle of Lent about 40 Acts, where you do something generous each day for Lent instead of giving something up. Here’s the link to my original post, in case you want to know more about what I got up to last year.

I’m reposting now so that you can sign up, if it’s something that interests you, since Lent begins on Wednesday 14th February. Lots of people I know recognise Lent as part of their culture without having particularly strong Christian beliefs, and one of the things I like about 40 acts is that it’s mainly about being nice, thinking of others and trying to complete the challenges as well as you can. (Of course it would be wonderful if everyone managed to be kind on the other days of the year too, but the ideas and challenges might inspire you to carry some things on after Lent!)

Why not pop over to the site and have a look, even if the bible links aren’t your thing, the activities might be. (There is also the added bonus of not having to give up something you like until Easter!) However you celebrate (or not), have a lovely week, and enjoy your pancakes on Tuesday if you’re having them.

21 thoughts on “Doing Lent Differently-Updated!

  1. Hi! Thank you for this post. What a good idea to do 40 generous acts during Lent. Sometimes we have to try something different to obtain different results! Interestingly, I just recently published a post about Lent titled, “What to Give Up for Lent,” and I also consider on it what to “take up.” I’d like to invite you to check it out when you can.
    God bless! – Alvin

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  2. Thank you Mrs C for the Link.. I decided to dedicate a little more selfishly. ‘time for myself’, unconsciously of lent. And give up time on the Internet.. Though I slip back on both often!! πŸ™‚ LOL..
    Hope you and Mr C had a great Valentines.. Have a great Half Term.. And a peaceful Weekend.. Sending HUGS your way. ❀

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