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WIP Wednesday -14th February

Welcome to this Valentine’s Day edition of WIP Wednesday. This week I’ve not shown my projects a lot of love-I think I may have been slightly delusional when I thought school holidays would mean more craft time!

We’ve been out and about a bit in the car, and I wanted a more portable project than the baby blanket (which is lovely but getting quite large!) I decide to frog the shawl I’d started as I didn’t think I’d ever finish it. (Also I forgot which size needles I’d used, having borrowed them for another project. We won’t mention that bit though.) I loved the yarn colours, though, and took advice from a knitting Facebook group over which sock pattern would suit it instead. I settled for Hermione’s Everyday socks, a free pattern from Ravelry. I’m using 2.5mm 9″ circular needles, and have had to add some stitches to cater for my wide feet. I’m not sure whether it’s the way I knit, or the colourway of the yarn, but I’m really disappointed with the pattern. The texture just hasn’t shown up as well as on the pattern photos, so I’m not really sure whether to frog and try a different pattern or carry on. I’ll leave it a little while and see. (I’ve triple checked the pattern to see if I was following it correctly too!)


The baby blanket has had a couple more rows added, but I haven’t taken a photo as it doesn’t look much different!

What are you working on this week? Have you started anything new? Let me know, feel free to share a link in the comments too.

47 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday -14th February

  1. I’m not seeing much pattern in that sock, if that is the one in question. It made me wonder if you had changed sizes midway through and some stitch areas looked looser or something. Hmm. Maybe the yarn shading is obscuring it…Good luck figuring what works for you!

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    1. I haven’t changed needle size so I’m guessing it just doesn’t work well. The purls just aren’t standing out so think I’ll frog back to the cuff and find a different pattern.


  2. I love reading your WIP posts. I am finally finished with all those heart-shaped things. Just posted the final post of the series and now I think the next thing is going to be finishing this rug that I have mentioned several times in here. Also, one doll is almost ready but I have postponed working on that for weeks already. I don’t have a good idea how to attach those hands well enough, so only hands and dress and mouth and nose are left to finish.

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  3. I hate pattern disappointment! Or yarn disappointment. I definitely have a couple projects that I don’t know what to do with. I usually put them aside, and don’t frog it unless I want the yarn for something else.
    I do like those colors!

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  4. Yes, it’s the multi-colored yarn that is keeping the texture from showing up. I’ve done the same sock pattern with natural gray yarn, with natural gradients (maybe the original color of the sheep’s wool?) and the stitch pattern showed up enough. You can do up the pattern in gradients or multiple shades with success. The benefit you could get from this pattern with your multi-colored yarn is breaking up the stripes of color, perhaps. I like the little dots of greenish-blue that are showing up, which could be because of the stitch pattern.

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      1. I don’t think it’s the throwing. It’s definitely the multi-colored yarn. Sometimes the yarn “gets in the way” of the stitch pattern. But, then again, you could view it as a way to manipulate the color changes. Whatever you decide, I look forward to seeing what will come of this sock project!

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  5. Not sure if my comments are showing up here … I did leave one last night but it’s not here now. Hmpffft.
    I came to add something that I forgot to add to my message:
    Gazing through the Works website, there is a book that they have on special offer or something like that …. called Knitting Smitten. RRP Β£12.99, but they’re selling it for Β£4.00. I haven’t done any research to see if I can find out what’s inside – but the cover made me instantly think of you. (When you see it you’ll see why ….. those little Egg Warmer Hats could be displayed on polystyrene eggs – which you’d get easily right now due to Easter marching it’s way towards us)
    I just had to come and tell you in case you hadn’t seen this book. I thought it might help make quick, affordable little things for your craft table next Christmas.
    Link (if W.Press will allow it) –
    love Cobs. xxx

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  6. I’ve had to frog two cowls i started in November because i forgot the hook size – I doubled up so i know i must of used bigger lol! I can kind of see the stitch pattern, but only if i looked REALLY closely. The colour is stunning though πŸ˜€
    I’m making baby booties this week – Need to finish my shawl though, and baby blanket. Then start on a rainbow blanket for meeeeeeeeee πŸ˜€
    I hope you manage to either frog and find a new pattern or end up happy with the current πŸ™‚

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  7. Oh my! I have never had to borrow needles from one project to use in another project and forgotten which ones I used when getting back to it or where the pattern went or which magazine I was knitting from…..Oh, took that a bit too far, didn’t I? LOL I think we have all been there, LOL. I love the colors in the yarn you chose, but it is very difficult to see the pattern. I hope you can figure it out, but they would be very pretty socks. The colors are gorgeous. What am I up to??? Well, still stitching on the 20th anniversary SAL, but have become interested in starting so many new projects! There goes my “don’t start anything new until I get things done this year”. Oh well. I haven’t actually started anything new yet…but it is just a matter of time. Like when the fabric and materials come in, LOL.

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    1. Hehe, I still feel daft for forgetting my needle size! The socks are a nightmare so I’ve put them in the naughty corner for now. Hope you enjoy your many projects!


  8. Thank you, your heads up on your reply made me check the spam. WordPress is now in the naughty corner for misbehaving in such a way, you definitely didn’t deserve to go in spam for being so kind and thoughtful. I’ll check out the link, as I have about 50 polystyrene eggs I bought for a school project and we changed our minds at the last minute! Thank you again x


  9. This is such a pretty yarn! I agree with those who said it’s the variegated yarn that prevents the texture from showing. Still, they will be beautiful in that colourway!

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