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WIP Wednesday and Second Blogversary-21st February

Yesterday WordPress informed me that Craftandothercrazyplans has been in existence for two whole years! That means it is two years since I sat in the car with Mr C, nervously waiting to go into the dentist and writing a list of possible blog names. Two years since I did all of the setting up, diving in completely and utterly clueless and typing up my first blog post. (The link is here, in case you’ve never read it. You probably haven’t-I think about 3 people saw it!) Anyway, two years on I have made lots of lovely blogging friends and enjoyed sharing my little bit of the world. Thanks to everyone tha reads and comments, here’s to many more years!

On the WIP front, I have been a bit slack. I overdid it moving the chicken coop on my own last week and I’m paying for it with an old shoulder injury playing up. Before that happened, I worked around 10 stripes on the Bertie blanket (40 rows), and I’ve calculated that I have about 38 rows to go before adding the border. My shoulder is much better after a rest so I will probably do a few rows a day whilst looking for nice borders. I’m considering a simple white moss stitch border, but I will also look at books and Pinterest to check out other possibilities.


The sock I mentioned last week is still in the naughty corner for an indefinite time period whilst I decide what to do. Having already frogged the yarn twice, I’m concerned I will wreck it, so I may well end up carrying on. After all, I will be able to learn how to do a different type of heel and keep working on following a pattern that isn’t just a basic one.

What are you working on this week? Anything exciting? Let me know, feel free to leave a link in the comments too.

54 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday and Second Blogversary-21st February

  1. Ahhh congrats happy blogversary! Crazy how the time just flies lol! Moss stitch or crab stitch for a border, I really like how your blankets turning out – Not many WIPS here, I’ve been writing LOADS and trying to finish my shawl and I keep getting distracted with starting projects lol

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  2. Congratulations on your 2nd Birthday!
    Sorry to hear about the shoulder. Carrying chicken coops will do that to you …. you daft thing! (but hey … look who’s talking. take no advice from me because I don’t listen to myself either. lol)
    Sending you my love … and wishing that I’d at least have made you a congratulations / birthday card. tsk.
    Squidges ~ Cobs. xxxx

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  3. Happy blogversary to you. Current projects (current, current, next to me in my lounge not WIPS around and about..) two cream sparkly cardis for my two great nieces, plus one black sparkly top for me for next Christmas. I know the black one will be worked on and off for the year, but there’s a time limit on the girls ones otherwise they’ll grow too big and my knitting time will have been wasted!

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      1. WIPs going ok, but can’t resist a new one or two at the same time! It’s turned cold so I need another winter scarf and have put down a cotton top again and a Christmas sweater! …

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  4. ouch to your shoulder Mrs C.. Moving that chicken coop, Hope it is much better. and congrats upon your two year blog anniversary.
    I too have not been visiting as much in WP as I have been painting and crafting more.
    I went down the allotments this morning and can not wait now to start getting it ship shape.

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    1. Thank you, I need to catch up on reading blogs, I’m so behind! It’s getting near that time of year for working on the allotment isn’t it. Both exciting and daunting this year as we now have 2 plots.

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      1. Good luck with your plots, and while hubby is itching to get stuck in the weather is against him. And I am taking things a little easier for the time being. Lets hope it soon begins to warm up and stop raining.

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