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Splashing, strolling and bowling

A winter trip to the seaside is a very popular past time, especially on clear, crisp days such as those we are having currently. Blowing away those cobwebs and letting the children explore and burn off their excess energy seemed like a good plan for the day, so yesterday we headed off to Hunstanton (aka Sunny Hunny) with the boot of the car jam packed with wellies, waterproofs, a picnic and spare clothes for the children. (You would think at the ages of 3 and 6 we might be able to travel a bit lighter with the children, but it would seem not!)

As soon as we arrived, we all put on our warm things and wellies and headed straight for the beach. The tide was coming in, but there was still plenty of sand left  on the main beach for walking on.  The children waded into the water, keen to test out their new waterproof trousers, and we followed (slightly less keen on getting we than them)! The trousers were thankfully quite effective, despite the children playing wave roulette and seeing how high up their wellies the water would go. Once we had wandered down the beach, exploring the rocks and shells and so on as well as paddling, my 6 year old announced that he only had one glove now. We turned around and retraced our steps, and discovered a very soggy and unfortunate looking glove at the water’s edge. (Said glove has now been washed, ready for the cold weather which is predicted for the UK in the next week.) Before we left the beach, the children both had a go at ‘digging like dogs’ (sand everywhere!) and finding the largest mussel shells they could to use as digging shells. We hadn’t taken buckets and spades as we thought it would be too cold, but the children were hardier than we thought!


After that, we walked along the promenade to the end, where you can go down the steps and walk along the foot of the cliffs. Because the tide was in, there was only a small piece of beach here, but we still managed to explore a little and see the pigeons clinging onto the cliff face. By this point the children were adamant that it must be picnic time.


We strolled back to the car, unpeeled the layers of waterproofs and enjoyed a car picnic. An outdoor picnic would have been lovely, but a flock of seagulls were circling and we didn’t fancy being divebombed. Once we were all full up, we went to the bowling alley for the children’s first ever game of bowling. It was great fun, and quite competitive. (Our son won, something he is still reminding us about today!) We went to the arcade for a little go on the 2p machines, and then our 3 year old had a meltdown. I think she must have been a bit tired!

We decided that perhaps it was time to return to the car and make our way home. The journey was a little quieter than on the way there as Little Miss went to sleep quite quickly. (On the way there she had been singing a made up song about being a hungry spider on a wall who wanted to eat a bumble bee.)

Why have I shared this seemingly ordinary family day out? Because this year has been full of sadness so far, not always very close to us, but close enough to make us reflect on how we spend our time. On Friday, Mr C and I sadly attended the funeral of one of his relatives, and beside the memory book was a little sign, which read ‘Collect memories, not things’. It stirred up something inside us both, and made us want to make the most of his extra day off. We had the best day as a family, and each of us made some special memories of the fun we had together.

I thought I would post about this as a reminder that pleasure can be found in the simplest of things-sharing an especially pretty rock, giggling together as someone gets splashed by an unexpectedly large wave, celebrating a victory in a family game of bowling or adding new verses to a completely made up song and laughing until you nearly cry. These are things to treasure, to remember and smile about on days when things are tough.



(singing on the way there, crying on way home), making memories, enjoying family time.

30 thoughts on “Splashing, strolling and bowling

  1. So sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers for you, Mr. C and family and friends. It is really true that we have to make every moment count and make time to be with our loved ones and cherish the moments together. I am glad you had a nice family trip and lived in the moment. (((Hugs)))

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  2. A beautiful post about a lovely family day out, and also a very insightful post about what is truly important. When my girls were growing up, whenever we went out on our adventures ( due to circumstances we had little money so I always called our simple (cheap/free) outings ‘adventures!), I would say ‘we were making memories’ 😉…and we did! Your post prompted a wonderful more recent memory of mid April 2014. DH and I visited the Scarborough in the U.K…it was a sunny day but to us, quite chilly for a summer day. Locals were lying on the beach, fully clothed in coats, shoes etc, sun bathing…to us that was so different!

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    1. Thank you, our adventures are always fund dependent too! We made the best memories on the beach. Your trip to the beach here wasn’t a surprise, it’s a rare day that it’s warm enough for shorts on the beach!


  3. A day spent making memories is never wasted. It is strange what kids will remember later. The smallest things have a way of becoming cherished memories. Keep it up and your kids will have wonderful things to reminisce about when they are older.

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  4. I’m so saddened and sorry to hear of your loss in the family, Mrs. C.
    Thank Heavens for days at the seaside, with family, and the love shared between you all. It’s this which makes life worthwhile. It brings a closeness that nothing else can compare to.
    No purchased thing can come close to time spent in joy and love with your family.
    A truly beautiful post which touched my heart greatly.
    Sending you my love ~ Cobs. xxx

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  5. Your outing sounded like a very fun lovely day! I love the saying Collect memories not things. Truly amazing. A reminder of whats important in life and makes us feel very blessed. I am sorry for your loss. I hope you have a good rest of the week!! =) ❤

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  6. Lovely photos of a beautiful day spent at the beach Mrs C, and it was certainly weather for blowing away cobwebs, But sounds as if those water proof trousers were well and truly tested.
    And sorry to hear about your relative in the family.. And yes, we should indeed make the most of every moment with our loved ones..
    Wishing you a very relaxing weekend.
    🙂 Sue

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