FO Friday 9th March-Bertie Baby Blanket

Finally, another FO post! The Bertie baby blanket (pattern by Little Doolally, available on Ravelry) is now all done, and mummy-to-be has seen the photos too. It measures approximately 30″ x 35″, which is a little larger than some baby blankets. However, I decided early on that if I was going to put hours into a project then it should be able to be used for longer than a few months so I went for a stroller sized blanket.

It has taken about 6 weeks as I’ve had to take a couple of breaks, but it was a really enjoyable project. The pattern was quite easy to follow once I had got it established, and it was perfect to pick up and put down but still know where I was up to. It is a paid pattern, but well worth it. I’d definitely make another one.


The yarn I used was Stylecraft Special dk in silver, white and grey, and Stylecraft Baby DK in lemon. I used around 550g altogether, which I thought wasn’t too bad. I had originally wanted to use Stylecraft’s graphite colourway rather than grey yarn but I’m glad I used grey now as it is still dark enough to contrast with the silver-I think graphite may have been too dark.

I wanted a clean and simple border, so I made it entirely in white. I settled on a linen stitch which I thought framed the main blanket quite nicely. It was quite a quick stitch to work up, although I winged it in terms of number of rounds-I just kept going until I thought it looked right!


All that remains to be done now is wash it in Fairy and then package it ready to give to my friend. I do like making baby blankets, so much quicker than Mr C sized ones!

Have you got any FOs this week? I know for me they are quite a rarity.

32 thoughts on “FO Friday 9th March-Bertie Baby Blanket

  1. I thought from the first site of this blanket you were making, a few weeks ago, that it was going to be a winner, and it is. I love the border, and think you made the right choice in both the colour and design for it. It brings the whole thing together perfectly.
    The size is perfect. Not so small that it will only fit a pram or buggy – but big enough to actually be used in a cot – and even on a first bed. After that … it could be a folded throw at the bottom of the bed.
    Well done Mrs.C. I love the blanket. A true heirloom blanket, made with such love. Perfect.
    Squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comments about it, I’m hoping it will be well loved. We still have the blankets made for my 2 and they have many uses! (Some more preferable to others, for example using as a ghost costume to scare ones little sister is not very kind!) X

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  2. This is goregeous. Love how it turned out. Nothing like a pending deadline to make us finish a project. No FO here (not even a card! kiddos have been using up my stash which is a good thing anyway) hoping to get some more crafty time back real soon.

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