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WIP Wednesday-14th March

What a week! I’ve been so busy with things that aren’t my works in progress that I’ve not managed much at all. I was really spoiled on Mother’s Day, which was lovely. In the run up to it, though, I was very busy creating cards for both mine and Mr C’s mum. I’ll pop those in a separate post at some point.

On Sunday evening, whilst watching the Dancing on Ice final, I worked on my Hermione’s Everyday socks. I didn’t keep track of how much I’d done, but I’m making progress with the foot part. I keep working a few rows at a time and I’m sure it’ll be done eventually. (A delivery of pretty new yarn today will no doubt motivate me to keep working so I can start a new project!)


The cosy stripe blanket has only had 1 stripe of colour added so I didn’t take a photo-there really isn’t much to show! I’m trying to alternate between that and the sock, though the sock is more portable so tends to get more attention.

I’ve also been busy in my other areas of my life, helping to organise an Easter disco to raise funds for my daughter’s pre school. That seems to have taken up quite a bit of time in lots of small chunks. I thought I’d share this photo of my Easter egg bulk buying-it certainly raised a few eyebrows in Asda, as well as attracting some witty comments about stocking up. (Each child at the disco will receive an egg, guess who is in charge of buying and storing them until the weekend!)


That’s my crafting week in a nutshell. This week is even busier as I am at work every day and then baking for the disco as well as running it, taking my son to football etc. and then the usual household chores. I’ve a feeling that craft time will be very squeezed! What have you been working on this week? How do you squeeze craft in during really busy times?

25 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-14th March

  1. I love the color of those socks! Your life sounds very full and busy right now. Try to get some YOU time in too. Me? I’ve been trying to make some crocheted Easter decorations. I haven’t finished anything yet though. Hopefully, I’ll have something done in time for the big day. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Thanks, it’s a bit crazy. I think I’ll squeeze some me time in at the end of next week. Easter decorations sound great, I want to make some too but really I’m a bit late to start now.

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  2. I love those socks! I started knitting a pair a couple years ago and they are still on the needles as I made it to the place to turn the heel and came to a standstill. I may have to haul them out again and just do them!

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  3. drooling. forgot what I was going to say … something about lovely sock project …. chocolate. Ohhhhh chocolate… and my favourite shape too …. Easter egg shaped chocolate.
    **This comment has been brought to you by the fingers of a mesmerised Cobs. Normal service will be resumed soon[ish]

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