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Mother’s Day Cards 2018

In recent years, I have tended to make similar cards for both mine and Mr C’s mums as I was limited for time. This year, however, I had a whole day set aside for the job (actually just the part of the day where the children were at school/pre school, minus time for doing chores).

I have always loved stepper cards, and have made them in the past by hand. However, the Silhouette Cameo machine has revolutionised my cardmaking in that I can just have the pieces cut for me! I don’t mind measuring and so on, but the time taken is time away from choosing the pretty bits. I bought an SVG file from a designer (I can’t remember which one) which came with small scale commercial use permission. It was one sixth of the cost of a commercial licence one from the Silhouette store! I then used papers from my DoCrafts Folk Floral collection. It took me a while of rearranging them before I settled on which patterns made the final cut, and which panel to use each one on. I loved the fact that the Cameo cut them to exactly the right size so that all I had to do was stick them down and embellish them, I used several die cuts from the paper and die cut pack, and created the text on the Cameo. Embellishments were basically anything I could get my hands on in colours that coordinated. I do love a good girly card! Sparkles, gems, ribbons, you name it, it’s on this card. It’s a good job I delivered it by hand-the postage would have been extortionate with all those fancy bits attached.


Mr C asked for tulips on his mum’s card, so I did a quick search on the Silhouette store. This particular card caught my eye as the blank panel can have any greeting added, so I can use it again for spring birthdays etc. I went for pink tulips as they seemed a nice bright colour choice, and used green for the base card. I think I should have used thicker card as the top tulip is a bit bendy, it looks like it’s swaying in the wind as the double layer of pink over the top is a bit heavy for it. This was one of those occasions where I decided to just go for it and use both tools on the machine at once. I actually held my breath until I could see that it had started ‘writing’ once it had finished cutting. I didn’t embellish this one at all as it didn’t suit it, the colours and shapes were so bold on their own that they didn’t need any fuss.


I had lots of fun using my Cameo 3 to make these and I can definitely see lots of potential for it to be used for other cards. Both cutting files that I bought can be used again, so they were worth the investment. I think both mums liked their cards and gifts too. (Mr C let the children use my cardmaking stash to make their own cards for me, and they definitely didn’t hold back on the embellishments! I don’t mind, they had fun.)

24 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Cards 2018

  1. They’re beautiful! The step card looks very complex, you did a great job. My favourite has to be the tulip one, I love the bright pink and pale green, as well as the simple shapes. Happy Mother’s Day! 😀

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  2. Hello Mrs.C. …. sorry I’m late to the party. I’ve brought a note from my mom. lol
    Fabulous cards – and great cutting job with the machine. Isn’t it wonderful when our crafty machines remove the things which take up so much time – so that it leaves us more playtime for the great stuff.
    Well done on the makes.
    And .. well done to Mr.C for encouraging the children to use their imagination and budding talents to make their own cards to you. I’m fully in support of that. So well done that man!
    Terrific post – filled with love and care from start to end. Loved it. ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. Lol, I’m glad you agree about the machine. Sometimes I wonder if it takes away some of the skill of measuring etc, then I remember how much stuff I’ve wasted with my amateur attempts and think it’s a good job I have my machine! Thank you for your lovely comment as always x

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