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Springing into spring

For non UK readers, last night our clocks went forward an hour. This means the evenings are much lighter (and the childrens’ bedtime is a bit of a pain as they are adamant that they can’t go to sleep when it isn’t dark!) Everything seems so much brighter all of a sudden (me included), the flowers are blooming, birds are singing and there’s so much energy all around. Spring seems to have arrived at last-the snow we had last weekend is long forgotten as we were able to go out without coats and hang washing outdoors at last.

The warmer weather has drawn Mr C and I to the allotment to actually begin tending to it rather than just popping there to feed and clean out the chickens. Our enthusiasm is renewed by the fact we have taken on the plot in front of ours too. We had it ploughed by a fellow allotmenteer for a small fee just before it snowed, and the cold weather has worked a treat to break down the soil. On Friday, Mr C went over it with the rotavator as the next step towards planting it. Apart from a shed, we have no plans to add other structures to it so we can just have it ploughed each year and use that plot solely for vegetables. It is still very much a blank canvas so we aren’t sure exactly what will be planted where. The new plot also provides us with a parking area, which is very handy for when we take larger items to or from the allotment. Maybe this year I won’t damage my shoulder trying to carry a full pumpkin harvest to the car!


Whilst Mr C rotavated, I turned my attention to rearranging our original plot. We’ve decided to keep that one with more permanent features such as raised beds, and dedicate it mainly to fruit growing. In some repsects, the colder weather and later start to spring has worked in our favour. Because we were waiting to see whether we got the new plot, we had left reorganising the old one until we found out.Β  This meant that we were cutting it fine with moving plants to new places. I began a couple of weeks ago by moving the rhubarb crowns to one of the raised bed areas where we had put the chicken tractor back in February. The soil was weed free and had been lightly manured by our feathered friends, and gave them much more growing room. I’m hoping they like their new home!


We also decided to move the raspberries from the unloved area at the end of the plot to a new patch about half way down which had been well rotavated with lots of compost added in. Hopefully they will do better there, even if we lose this year’s crop because of moving them so late. We chose to use weedproof membrane on that area and plant through it. Even though we are trying to cut down on plastic usage, we both agreed that we would use it there as it is supposed to last 10 years, so it’s not just being used once and then disposed of. I’m hoping I don’t have to move them again as they were very prickly and I got one of the tiny thorns stuck in my finger despite wearing gloves-it’s a tad sore!


Our next main task is to organise a larger and more permanent area for strawberries, though we can do that over the next couple of weeks. We also need to begin planting some seeds at home to keep in the greenhouse until the last frost has passed. Traditionally, we do that job just after my daughter’s birthday, so that’ll be a nice activity to do during the Easter holidays.

As I mentioned earlier, the sunny weather has meant we can dry things outdoors. I grabbed the opportunity to wash (in baby friendly detergent) and hang out the baby blanket I completed a few weeks ago, and it smells amazing after being line dried!


I’ve also felt the need to do lots of spring cleaning and sorting in the house, and I’ve been squeezing in lots of little jobs between allotment visits. Spring is here, and I’m enjoying it! Are you feeling spring-like? (Or autumnal if you’re in the southern hemisphere!) What are you enjoying doing now that the weather is improving?


19 thoughts on “Springing into spring

  1. Lovely blanket and the gardens are so nice. I’m in the US and was wondering about the allotment thing. I’ve been reading a book by a UK author and it mentions allotments also. What exactly is that? Thank you and we are enjoying Spring as well. Our time was changed weeks ago and I’m still not over that!

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    1. Allotments are just a piece of Mandalay from your home which you rent for growing your own fruit and veg, there’s some kind of law here about councils having a certain amount of land for it. It’s quite cheap really.

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  2. You have done a lot! I liked the garden part. Made me to think how I didn’t like working on those things as a child but I see myself changing as it can be rewarding do see it all grow. The spring is not showing up in here yet and I hate the time – change or clock turning thing as it is 1:30 a.m. And I can’t sleep. But as soon as I get used to that, then it will get better. Only spring related thing is the bird’s singing but they did it when it was cold also, so yeah. I hope it will get better πŸ˜€

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  3. Our clocks went ahead an hour recently also. It is staying lighter longer in the evenings. Now to get Mother Nature to cooperate and really bring Spring weather here. It is still quite chilly here. I am getting over the flu, so I am anxious to get my strength back and start some spring cleaning inside and air out the house. Love your baby blanket and can just imagine how wonderful it smells after drying on the clothes line. There really is no better smell than that πŸ˜‰

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  4. What a GREAT post! πŸ™‚
    My, you’ve all been busy! Loving the new sized allotment – and that you can drive up to it. Coo, that’s going to help with the back ache job of carrying things to and from.
    Everything’s looking so good, and all ‘on time’ with nature. Well done the Craft Family for being so on the ball.
    Great that you can move the chickens around – both for them, and for conditioning the soil. Spread the ‘muck for luck’ around I say! lol. At our old cottage you could always tell where the chickens were housed last year because the new grass which grew in the old patch was so lush and a different green to the rest of the garden. (Although mind – they spent little time in the chicken run itself – they were too interested in digging up my garden and eating all the flowers. Little divils. πŸ˜€
    Great post Mrs.C. I was there with you, all the way through. Love it.
    Sending much love and a bucket of squidges ~

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    1. Got to love chickens! I think we will be busy, but hopefully in a good way. Driving up to the plot will be really handy for harvest time. I might still park near the gate on wet days so I can play in the puddles as I walk down though πŸ˜‰

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