Rain, rain, you’re ok!

This morning as I laid in bed I could tell it was a grey day by the dull light coming through the curtains. The pitter patter of rain on the windows was also not a great inspiration to me when contemplating getting up. In complete contrast to the glorious sunshine and blue skies of the last two or three days, today it was raining. Not the torrential kind, so we still walked to school. It was the kind of rain that is persistent and leaves you soaking wet almost without realising. It put me in a grumpy mood as I walked through the door looking like a drowned rat.

As the rain fizzled out during the day, my daughter asked if she could come with me on the walk to fetch her brother. (She very sensibly decided to stay at home with Daddy when I did the morning school run.) She hunted for her wellies and got herself ready, with a raincoat and some mittens, just in case. As we went outside, her excitement about the puddles was infectious. Every single puddle on the path got the same treatment-she stomped and splashed all the way to school. The large puddle on the corner of the road where we cross, which has been ambitiously labelled ‘flood’, complete with a proper warning sign, proved particularly tempting. Her splashes brought smiles to a lot of faces as we walked along, and that got me thinking. Instead of being miserable about the rain, she saw it as an opportunity to have fun, and why not! (I have been known to walk through every puddle at the allotments on rainy days, just to clean my wellies of course, and there is no splashing involved, at least not when anyone is looking!)

I think there’s definitely a lesson to be learned there. What if we changed our thinking to see the good in situations that are often perceived as negative? All of those little grumpy things could become happy ones, just like that! (Of course, this doesn’t take away from some of the bigger unfortunate life events when it feels impossible to see the good, it’s just meant to turn the little everyday niggles into happy thoughts.)

What hidden opportunities have you found in undesirable situations? What helps you to have a glass half full outlook?

25 thoughts on “Rain, rain, you’re ok!

  1. I used to be terribly negative, my Mum always recited ‘Wednesday’s child is full of woe’ at me. But a few years ago I decided to try looking for more positives in everything, and now I must say “at least” more than anything else I reckon. It’s raining? Well at least it’s not snow.
    It’s snowing? At least I don’t have to drive in it.
    I have to stay late at work; at least I get paid overtime for it!
    Something’s fallen off my car again; Stupid heap of junk, but at least I’m privileged enough to have the money to fix it. And to have a car in the first place.
    It’s pretty easy now I’m into the habit of it!

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  2. Everyone – no matter what age – should jump in the puddles! For me, grey days with fog are magickal … I love them perhaps more than bright, sunny days.

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