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WIP Wednesday-28th March

I’ve had one of those weeks filled with good intentions to craft, but I’m getting nowhere fast. I have made a little progress though, so all is not lost.

The sock I started last week now has all of the ribbing completed plus 3 or 4 pattern repeats on the leg. I’ve taken the sock everywhere, including a birthday party. I ended up playing on the big slides with the kids instead of knitting, but it was fun! I also took it in the car with me to visit friends, though I didn’t actually take it out of the bag. Some weeks I am so good at squeezing in a little bit of knitting or crochet between jobs and others it just doesn’t happen.


The cosy stripe blanket is more about work and less about progress this week-I completed 5 stripes and then realised that I’d added in a cluster of stitches by accident so I had to frog it back to the point at which I finished last week. The only thing I’ve achieved is winding myself up 5 little balls of yarn. At least the reworked rows won’t take as long as there will be less stitches in them! I was a little bit gutted, but not to worry.


This week is looking very busy as it is my daughter’s 4th birthday on Sunday and she has requested a chocolate cake in the shape of a chicken. Something tells me that is easier said than done… The children are also off school/pre-school for Easter now so I don’t know how much crafting I’ll get done. I will just remind myself it’s a marathon and not a sprint.

What are you working on this week? I hope you’ve been more successful than me!

18 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-28th March

  1. Awww your daughters cake will be super cute! I hope she has an awesome birthday. As for crafts, i wanted to get back into crochet but ive hurt my wrist. I hope you manage to progress some!

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      1. If time was on your side you could have got a chicken silicone mould and just made chocolate chickens.
        There’s a company called Coco Loco – I know they had a couple of big chickens, ad also some little ones. Not sure if one of their shops is by you. (Google might help)
        Failing that . .. you could ‘suggest’ that a chicken had been there by buying a little nest (they’re about a pound) from Hobbycraft, and either filling it with a few eggs (cadbury cream, or whatever size you feel is right for the cake) and put a sign on the cake saying: Happy Birthday ~ I laid / layed you some eggs!
        Might work in a pinch. 🙂
        After this – my one brain cell has run out of talent. lol
        I’m absolutely 100% certain that whatever you make will be totally splendid and she’ll love it.
        Wishing you a fun and happy day.
        Much love ~ Cobs. xxx


  2. All the best with the cake. Not much crafting here. Hubby is away in Italy for 3 weeks so I have taken the opportunity to clear out some crafty books – a job best done when I can leave out without his eyes! I have loads now to off load hoping to sell on a destash sight and others I will give to a charity.

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  3. Well I’m looking forward to seeing how the cake came out! I hope your wee one had a lovely birthday.
    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we noticed mistakes as we made them, and not however many rows on! There should really be some technology for that

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