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An Easter Birthday

As I mentioned in my WIP Wednesday post last week, it was my daughter’s birthday on Easter Sunday. The day itself passed by in a whirl of excitement as we went to visit family for a delicious Easter lunch after opening presents and cards in the morning. My little one had also requested a chocolate cake in the shape of a chicken. (I think she has more faith in my baking than I do-this post explains why!)

Once I had finished work last Thursday, my attention turned towards how on earth to produce this masterpiece of a cake. I kind of knew I wanted a dome shaped cake as the base, but the practicalities of baking such a thing (and the decorating!) seemed very demanding. I turned to the wonder that is Facebook for advice, knowing that a good many of my friends are superb bakers. From the replies I learned that I could bake it in a well greased Pyrex bowl, that baking parchment would help me to turn it out and that I needed to bake it for ages.

On Friday evening, once the children were in bed, my baking challenge commenced. Making the mix was easy enough, as was preparing the bowl. Baking the flipping thing was a different matter entirely. After it had been in the oven for an hour I had almost resigned myself to the fact that it was never, ever going to be cooked in the middle. Then I remembered that one of the school mums had posted a photo of a cake tin with a metal pipe in the middle to help it cook in the centre. I did not have anything so fancy, but I did have a lot of teaspoons (16 in fact, because they were on offer in B&M and I bought loads as they keep disappearing). I created some kind of elaborate teaspoon based cooking encouragement system, placing one handle down in the centre and four others pointing diagonally towards that one. It looked horrific-let’s just say it’s a good job I was planning on icing it. However, it did (eventually) cook through. I turned it out quickly onto a cooling rack and, feeling satisfied, covered it withย  a tea towel and went to bed.

In the morning I went to inspect my handiwork and came crashing down to earth with a bump-it was tiny, far too small to serve 11. My son had football training so I couldn’t solve the problem immediately, but whilst I was stood there in the pouring rain watching him get filthy I had an idea. Perhaps I could bake a round cake to sit underneath the bowl shaped one to make it taller. Thanks to some kind of miracle, I had a tin exactly the right size. When we got back home I quickly whipped up a cake mix and hoped it would look the same colour. (As luck would have it, it did!)

Decorating was up next, and I was lost. I had a vague idea involving moulded marshmallow and rice crispie mix to make a head and tail, then covering it all in chocolate buttercream. I wasn’t fully sold on that idea, so I was most relieved whenย  a friend texted me a photo of a cake they had seen in a shop. It was a chick, and not a chicken, but it looked doable. I managed to persuade my soon to be four year old that a chick would be a really excellent cake, and proceeded to basically copy the photo. (If the shop bought cake had been chocolate, which was the type demanded by madam, I’d have just bought it as I was finding the whole thing a bit stressful by this point!) I also baked some cupcakes for those people who don’t like chocolate cake, which I topped with pink buttercream and mini eggs, a design feature suggested by my daughter.


I was really happy when I had finally finished, and both of my children were impressed when they saw it on the morning of her birthday. We transported it carefully in the car to my sister in law’s house using a cardboard box and some packing tape-I wasn’t taking any chances but it was too tall for my cake tin. Everyone who had some said they enjoyed it so it can’t have been too bad. (I was concerned it would be over baked after being in the oven for so long!) I don’t think I am patient enough for baking big cakes, but I guess there will only be so many years where my children put in their cake requests for their birthdays so I will keep trying.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter, however you celebrated. I’m quite glad my daughter’s birthday isn’t at Easter next year as it felt most bizarre-no one was sure if we were celebrating Easter or her birthday, but we all had a lovely day anyway.

35 thoughts on “An Easter Birthday

    Ohhh, What an incredible achievement! You did the most amazing job in such a stressful situation – and the whole thing was (is) perfection!
    I am so proud of you – so if I’m proud then all the Crafts must be bursting with pride.
    I love the chick…. she’s beautiful.
    Right then …. now for my Birthday, I think I’d like a cake shaped like a jug of flowers. You see …. I collect jugs – so I love the jug bit …. and I adore flowers …. so a jug of flowers would be THE very thing to make the whole day special.
    Right then … order placed. I think my work here is done.
    Well done you clever gal!
    love ~ Cobs. xxx

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    1. Lol! Thanks for the lovely compliments, a lady near me makes the most beautiful cupcake bouquets and some cakes, they’d be right up your street by the sound of it. The flowers are hand piped, which must take some real skill. X

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      1. Oh my…somewhere, I think on facebook this week, someone I think from Africa had made the most incredible flower cake I will see if I can find it. You will not believe how beautiful it is.

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  2. Wow! The cake looks amazing, all the pain of baking it was absolutely worth it. I’m glad it turned out so good! I had a great Easter, catching up with family and eating a fair amount of chocolate. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  3. Lol I remember those kind of challenges. They do seem so stressful whilst you are coping with the challenge, but once done you feel a real sense of pride, and when you see your child’s face on viewing, then all the effort has been worth it,

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  4. What a super cute cake! And I must say thank you on behalf of all of us who don’t like chocolate cake, for actually thinking of us. I like the idea of your teaspoon cooking aid, even if it didn’t look great it got the job done and you got an awesome cake at the end of it

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    1. Thank you, it’s amazing what you can improvise with when you’re under pressure! I think most people had a slice of chocolate cake and a cupcake ๐Ÿ˜‚


  5. Thatโ€™s an awesome cake! If you ever need a domed cake again, see if you can rent (or buy if you think youโ€™ll use it often enough) a doll cake pan. The pan forms the skirt, and has a hollow tube to help the cake bake more quickly and evenly. They can be used for so many things besides doll cakes.

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