WIP Wednesday-11th April

Easter holidays have been very productive so far, particularly in the last week as Mr C has been at work a lot so I’ve had uninterrupted craft time most evenings. I’m down to one WIP now too!

I’ve turned the heel on the sock, and am now onto the decreases. This part is the most tricky for me as I am combining decrease rows with pattern rows. Luckily I’m fairly good at keeping track, and neither the decreases nor the pattern is too complicated. However, at this point it isn’t so easy to just pick up and put down-I’d rather have a good stint and get to the end of the decreases. I’m hoping that’ll happen if we get to go for a family day out this week. I’ve taken a photo of my progress so far. (Because I’ve just turned the heel I think it looks a bit like a blue whale with an open mouth!)


Now if you’ve been following my WIP Wednesday posts, you might be wondering about the fate of the cosy stripe blanket. It has not been abandoned again, or banished back to a bag under the bed. I have finally finished it! (I’m waiting for decent enough weather to take a photo of it outside, but so far I’ve had no luck.)

I’m now in a bit of a WIP rut-I don’t know quite what I want to make next and I’ve got plenty of yarn. I’m currently having a play around with some yarn scraps, but the results so far are not worth sharing.

What are you working on now? What do you do when you run out of WIPs?

13 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-11th April

      1. Oh dear, just pick up your hook and some yarn and start creating some stitches and I’m sure something will come to mind and then you can frog 🐸 the other. That’s what I do sometimes. I think it helps as it takes the panic away enabling one to think! Good luck ❤

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