FO Friday-13th April

It’s Friday 13th, but I’m not feeling superstitious. In fact, I’m feeling very happy as I have finally finished the cosy stripe blanket. It’s quite heavy, but really warm, andΒ  both cosy and stripy as the pattern suggests!

I worked the stripes until I had run out of parchment coloured yarn, which I had the least of. I overestimated how long it would take, so the need to work a border kind of crept up on me and I had no idea what sort of thing would finish it. A Facebook group I am in gave some very good advice for cosy stripe borders and in the end I settled on ‘spot on‘, which is another pattern created by the talented Lucy of Attic 24. I asked my son which colour he wanted me to use last out of chocolate and khaki, keeping the lighter meadow colour for the ‘spot’ round so that it stood out.


It is just a fraction smaller than single bed sized and was a great use of the yarn I had left over from my husband’s granny square blanket. I have a feeling that it will be misused (or just well used!) for den making, camping, picnicking and many other things.


I’m hugely relieved that it is now finished, as although it was a nice simple project, it felt never ending. I used aran weight yarn, so technically it should have been a really quick make. I think because I had stopped completely in the middle of the project (I put it away last May when it got too warm to work on it) it made it hard to gain momentum on it when I picked it up again.

Now for more projects, I can’t wait! Have you finished anything this week? Feel free to share, here or on Instagram.

31 thoughts on “FO Friday-13th April

  1. I haven’t finished anything these last couple weeks but I have started two projects! A prayer shawl and a baby blanket. I keep getting distracted by other things that need doing but hopefully they will be finished before summer gets here. Love you blanket!

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  2. Your blanket looks beautiful! I know the feeling of a never ending blanket! I’ve just finished my latest blanket, post coming soon, and I was so happy to have it finished! It’s fun starting to plan my next project though! Have a great week end. Annette

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  3. OMG!! I am sitting here sucking a chocolate and lime sweet and it clicks – THIS is what the blanket reminds me of lol!! I cba with my rainbow blanket the thought of doing it and it never growing urgh. – Good choice on the border by the way, looks real nice x

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  4. This is just beautiful to see the finished results, and I can imagine it got too warm to continue.. I started a Scarf before Christmas as a gift to myself.. LOL.. I put it down in January and I have not picked it up again.. As I picked up my paint brushes instead.. In fact the model greenhouse is still pending..
    But My focus is coming back again as I feel more like my old self again..
    Sending Hugs..
    Love Sue xx

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