WIP Wednesday-18th April

After my near disaster last week when I almost ran out of WIPs, I decided to quickly start a scrappy project to use up some of my leftover yarn.

The project I chose was the Coastal Crochet CAL. I’m quite far behind, but have managed to complete parts 1 and 2, as well as a little bit of part 3. I’m hoping to catch up and then follow it weekly as new parts of the pattern are released. I’ve copied some of the colour choices used by Eleanora as I had them, but will veer away into my own choices more as it progresses.

I have also finished my socks this week, so am looking for another knitting project. I’m not quite sure what to make yet though!

What have you been working on this week? Have you got a scrappy project on the go alongside your other WIPs?

41 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-18th April

      1. I’m fine . Well for the time being any way, but dealing with my 95 yr.old parents,both hard of hearing and either in a wheelchair (Mother ) or walker (Dad) may eventually put me in the loony pen. Both have fallen this week. Dad is fine but the EMT’s have to come get him up…Mother looks like she got run over by a big truck. We spent yesterday afternoon at the local hospital getting scans to be sure nothing was amiss. Thankfully nothing . Life just gets crazy .

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  1. I am looking forward to seeming more of your CAL. Your colors are just beautiful and the stitches so fun! Last week I injured my knee, so I finished knitting a cowl I had barely started a few months ago. Also stitched the April mermaid on my mermaid SAL and stitched a little on the Mystery Sampler. Might as well as get some things accomplished while I can’t do much else.

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  2. That’s beautiful, I love the colour combinations.
    Alas I never managed to learn to knit. I think I’m actually unteachable as I went along to a knitting club for children to ‘help out’ the other adults running it and hoped to learn myself. The kids soon picked it up but sadly not me!

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