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2018 Guidelines Update

Now that we are one third of the way through the year (roughly!) I thought it was time to look at my aims for the year and review them. Truth be told, I hadn’t looked at them since I wrote them so it was probably about time I checked!


Continue last year’s goals of sorting through cupboards etc. on a regular basis, and also try to keep organised with paperwork. I hate paperwork, and filing, I really have to be in the right mood to do it, although it feels good once it’s all done. (I would definitely be fired from an office job!) I need to get better at letting things go, such as the clothes my daughter has grown out of which are cute but will never fit her again!

I am quite proud of my progress with this one, as on Easter Monday I tackled the worst area of the house-the built in cupboard in the children’s room. It felt like such a relief to bin (recycle) things I had kept from my teacher training which were taking up the whole bottom shelf. (I haven’t used them in the 12 years since I qualified so I figured I probably wouldn’t need them now.) I did, however, regret completely filling the recycling bin two days after it had been emptied, as I then had a bag of recycling under the stairs until the next bin day. I also got a bit ruthless with kids stuff-clothes and the like. I’d just been heaping things into there until the point where I couldn’t close the door. I had the clever idea of saving unisex school uniform items my son had grown out of for my daughter. However, it was so disorganised that when it came to needing those items I just couldn’t find them. I think that was what finally prompted me to sort it (that and not being able to find the silver cake boards in the ‘party box’). I’m not quite so good at filing letters, but they are all together at least.


Try to plan days out together-too often Mr C gets a day off and we spend half of the day planning where to go! I also need to help my daughter prepare for going to school, especially in the fine motor skills department (and listening to instructions!)

We still aren’t so good at planning ahead, but we have started looking the night before rather than in the morning!


Continue to lose weight, and find ways to get more exercise into my routine. Pretty simple really, in theory! I’m not putting numbers on it this time, I just want to do my best.

The figures on the scales have seen little change, but I’m making more of an effort to walk and do exercise DVDs. The children are less enthusiastic about walking to school though!


Now that I have a permanent job, I’d like to start saving on a regular basis. I also want to keep working on being frugal when it is appropriate, for example meal planning and keeping an eye out for bargains on items we need (kids clothes and shoes I’m talking about you!)

I’ve been pretty good at saving, but not so efficient with meal planning. When it comes to buying kids clothes I am getting better at choosing whether it needs to have a lot spent on it (decent coats) or not so much (clothes for pre-school). I’m still a little bit naughty with the whole ‘when I get paid I’ll get that…’ scenario. It’s usually things I need rather than treats, but if I balanced it out through the month I wouldn’t feel like my wages were gone within 2 weeks of payday!


I’d like to expand my business more this year. I only decided to start it up in September, and quickly got involved in a craft fair, so I haven’t done much in the way of advertising or working on sales. I’m considering opening up an Etsy shop, and also hoping to have a range of ‘ready made’ products for sale rather than just custom orders. I’ve already signed up for an Easter fair too. Currently, I don’t work (my day job!) on Fridays so I need to make good use of my time and plan ahead so that it becomes a full ‘business’ day.

This hasn’t gone so well, I haven’t done anything for my business at all. I have ideas and then change my mind about selling it. Maybe I should just make up a few things and give it a go! Also my Fridays seem to end up busy with committee meetings and so on at pre-school.


Branch out a little more with crops, including growing sweetcorn and probably brussels sprouts, as well as all of the things we grew last year. We also need to tackle the weeds more strategically, including laying weedproof membrane around the raspberries. We think a decent quality battery strimmer might help, as there are places the mower really doesn’t cope well with. I’d also like to order some nematodes to deal with the slugs.

The weather has held us back considerably here. I have sown seeds indoors, but even in the greenhouse it isn’t that warm. I think I might be re sowing some seeds next weekend. We have, however, moved the raspberries to an area covered with weedproof membrane so we have achieved something.


I have a new Silhouette Cameo 3 machine which I would like to learn to use to enhance my cardmaking. I think I’d also like to sign up to some kind of course. I do enjoy studying (always have) and it would be nice to do a course that was for me rather than for work. I am keeping an eye on Craftsy for potential options.

I’ve used the Cameo quite a lot for making cards, but not explored a huge amount further. (I’m dubious about using vinyl, which seems to be very popular, as I don’t think it’s a good use of plastic-at least card based crafts have less environmental impact.) As for courses, I’m half tempted to do one about continental knitting. It’s so hard to choose though, as there’s a lot of free content out there as well as paid. I’d rather keep doing a paid course for something that isn’t available so freely, or for something that will really advance my skills in an area.


My blog is quite important to me, so I’d like to keep posting regularly. I’m not going to try and ‘force’ posts though, as I would rather try and write quality material as and when ideas hit me so that I keep enjoying it. I also plan to improve on my reading of other blogs as I miss a lot of posts. If you have any suggestions/systems that work for you for making sure you get around all of your followed blogs then let me know. I currently follow the best part of 500 blogs and that is a lot of reading to try and do!

I’ve definitely not forced content, in fact I haven’t written much apart from WIP Wednesday posts. I feel like perhaps my blogging has stagnated. I do need to come up with fresh ideas for tutorials etc, and also try harder to read other blogs!


My progress has been pretty mixed, but at least there has been some! How are your 2018 goals going? Have you changed your mind about any of yours?

17 thoughts on “2018 Guidelines Update

  1. I do understand the blog thing. By the time I go through email, wordpress followers and then facebook the morning is shot. Wasn’t so bad during the cold of winter but now I need to be outside in the flowers and garden a little more. There are only so many hours in a day and I seem to be short some.

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  2. I didn’t really set any goals other than my reading challenge and I seem to be managing to keep up with that so far but I tend to slacken off in the latter half of the year.
    You are certainly doing well with most of your goals.

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  3. Some good resuts, some not so good! I should probably check back on my goals, since I’m not convinced that my monthly ones are running in the right direction atm! (I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but your goals seem a little wishy-washy undefined which might be why you’re not getting on with them (other than the bad weather!). You might be better off going SMART)

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    1. Thank you, it was helpful for me to look back at mine. I see what you’re saying about mine not being SMART, I think last year I just found it a bit too rigid so this year I’m being a lot more relaxed. Perhaps I need to compromise a little and set smarter targets for my business, for example, but leave the others as they are. Thanks for giving me food for thought 😊


  4. Lovely goals and intentions Mrs C.. and well wishes in your business expansion as well as your allotment projects.. We grow Sweetcorn and spouts and both have been successful, So go for it..
    We are trying planting our sweetcorn straight in the ground this year, but it will not be until the second week in May. We normally grow in pots in green house then transplant out, but have found with our cold snaps, they often ‘Stick’ for a few weeks and stop growing, and have seen how other growers when planting seeds in the warmed earth in May have caught up and overtaken ours in height and strength.. So thought I would pass that tip along if your going to try them..

    Enjoy your week.. Hugs Sue ❤

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    1. Thanks for the sweetcorn tip, I’m hoping that at some point we may have growing weather! It’s still so chilly here, and wet and windy. I have plenty of seeds so I will perhaps look for a sensible spot on the allotment for planting out straight away.

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  5. Looks like you are doing pretty good with your goals. I wish you continued success. I gave up on all of my goals. I started out well, but with an injury in February, the flu in March and tearing my knee this month, it all went out the window, I will do the things that I can, but I am not holding myself accountable for all that I wanted to do. I feel much lighter 🙂


  6. I’m ahead on one of my goals (200 hours of spinning in the year- I’m at 74 hours of spinning and 16 of plying) and behind on one (pay off the credit card- I’ve had to pay for counseling with the card and at 120$ a week I’m not making enough progress).

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  7. You are doing well! I don’t even have long term goals in most of the areas you have. (I do would like to lose a few kilos and the scales have become stagnet here too!). I hear what you are saying about recycling the kids gear. With 4 kids who empty out their own wardrobes now I just have to sort it, the pile did get to be a mini mountain at Christmas time when it really needed my attention.

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