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WIP Wednesday-16th May

It’s been a week where I seem to have done anything but work on my projects! Between sorting the allotment and a weekend away for my birthday, craft has taken a back seat. (I did enjoy my weekend away though, it was a very rare treat and we had some lovely adventures, including stopping in a camping pod for the first time.)

My lace sock travelled all the way to the Peak District and back again and didn’t leave the project bag once. Whoops! Since there’s no point sharing a photo of the sock as it looks exactly the same as it did last week, here’s a photo of the view from the top of the hill Mr C and I climbed. (He later researched said hill and discovered it is an ‘easy climb’-we disagreed, but we are used to the flat lands of Lincolnshire!)


The Seaside Stash Busting blanket is faring better, and I’ve worked 6 more rows. (Whilst we were away I also bought 2 more balls of yarn in colours that coordinate with the ones I have been using. Let’s not mention that the idea of the blanket is to use up yarn I already had!)


I’m also working on several cards, and I should be able to share one next week. I think the plants for the allotment should also count as a WIP! Mr C is on a long run of shifts so I’m hoping to fit in lots of craft time, although I’m also dog-sitting for a week so I’ll have to fit walkies into my routine as well. What are you working on? Feel free to leave a link in the comments.

18 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-16th May

  1. Beauty..the look from top……slow week here again. Softball game Mon. evening and again Tues. evening but Tues. I kept the two little girls because the 2 yr. old was sick .Baby has a runny nose
    but is doing ok. A dear friend(96 yrs. ) passed away so I have made a card for her daughter. Rain…daily for a week…here and there but we need it. Not very exciting!!!

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  2. 🙈 bringing a project with me and not working on it at all is totally the kind of thing I do. Your seaside blanket looks amazing, I think I would be like you and just buy yarn so that it matches! lol

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  3. I too have had knitting projects go on trips with me and just enjoy the journey rather than grow when they are out! (he he!). What am I working on? Aiming to get a cotton WIP wiggled – I know the stitch count is wrong …

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