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WIP Wednesday-6th June

It’s been a while since I was able to write a WIP Wednesday post, as I just hadn’t done much crafting. However, our recent holiday gave me plenty of time for knitting and crochet and I’ve managed to carry that on to some extent since we got home.

I’ve done a lot of catching up on the Coastal Crochet CAL, completing 4 week’s worth of rows since last Tuesday. I’ve been trying to vary colours a lot as I’ve found a few small balls of leftover yarn and I’m trying to use them as part of this blanket. The shrimp yarn felt like a bit of a dubious choice as it almost clashed with the pink, however I have such a mix of colours within the blanket so far that I think I’ve got away with it. I’m still trying really hard to catch up so that I am working rows as they are released-I think I am about 5 weeks behind so if I dedicate some time to this I should manage it within a few weeks.


I’ve also spent a little time on my easy lace sock. The heel flap and gusset are complete now and I’m on the main part of the foot. This is the bit that seems to take ages and is not very exciting because there isn’t much variation. I keep working a few rounds at a time, I’m sure it will be the right size eventually. I really like the pattern-the lace is only a 4 row repeat so it isn’t too hard to work out where I’m up to if I take a break from it.


Those are my only WIPs for now (I haven’t even browsed Ravelry for more ideas so I must be feeling committed to these projects!) What are you working on right now? Please share!

18 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-6th June

  1. Looking good. I’m sure you will catch up soon.
    It is hot over here but I have been out and pulled afew weed from the hoop house. Still a lot to go and of course more keep popping up. I did make a card favoring the beautiful wild flowers on the wayside on the way to the birthday party. I’ll blog about the party soon as more photos come my way.

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  2. Great progress, however far you are behind with the CAL, you are still joining in – pretty colours too. My WIPS aren’t growing too quickly either these last few weeks – I am enthusiastic but have many WIPS to choose from

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  3. Love both your projects, what yarn are you using for the socks? it’s stunning. how easy/difficult is the blanket? I’m really really tempted to give it a whirl

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    1. Thank you, the yarn is West Yorkshire Spinners florist collection in English Rose. The blanket is fairly easy, Eleanora has written some fab instructions and made videos too for any tricky bits.

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  4. I want you to sit quietly for just a moment, and imagine that you’re having forty winks in the chair. Suddenly you hear a noise … not a loud noise, just a little bit of ‘shuffling’ about noise. You open your eyes to see …………………………………………
    ANIMAL from the Muppets. (

    He’s stood looking at you …. kind of smiling. Then he takes a deep breath in and …….


    I say no more. 😀 😀 ❤
    C. x

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  5. Both projects looking good! I’ve knitted a few prem baby hats for charity (yet to be sewn up!) just to use some yarn bits and they are small projects while I get the nerve to start the front of my cable jumper.

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