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WIP Wednesday-11th July

My WIP posts have not been weekly lately as I’ve been working on the same projects, but this week I’ve finally almost caught up on the Coastal Crochet CAL so hopefully soon I can start a new project (no idea what though!)

I’m so proud to have actually caught up at last, I’ve been so close then fallen behind again and it seemed impossible. A few slightly more relaxed weekends have meant I’ve had the chance to crochet in the shade in the afternoons whilst the children have played in the garden. (Its been too hot for allotment visits in the daytime!)

The colour choices are gradually becoming more limited as my scraps run out. I was unsure about the darker pink with the greens and blue but now I love it as the colours really pop together.

Here’s the whole thing:

And a close up of the latest rows:

I haven’t done much work on the socks as I haven’t got the motivation to set up the stitch markers. (Yes really, crafting fail!)

I have been doing some papercraft though, as I had the honour of becoming a godmother again on Sunday to the most lovely little chap.

I made him a personalised card to celebrate his big day, it didn’t quite turn out as planned because some of the embellishments I had intended to use had gone ‘funny’ in my craft box so I had to make do. It’s quite hard to find suitable embellishments for cards for boys!

I’m also working on a top secret papercraft project which is taking some time because of the amount of designing involved. Children being off school poorly does tend to hamper my ability to do anything on the computer! I also need to make some cards for school, but I will probably make one design in multiple colours.

What are you working on this week? How is it going?

25 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-11th July

  1. Very nice work. I love your afghan. I’ve learned from experience with crocheting from scraps that if the finished piece is going to have more than three colors in total it really doesn’t matter which colors you use. Arrangement is certainly important to me because two clashing colors together can hurt the eyes. I’m sure you’ll find time for the socks soon enough!

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    1. Thank you, arranging colours is tricky but part of the fun! I have reserved scraps of colours I’d used earlier to try and balance the use of colours throughout a little bit. It may or may not work!

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  2. The colors are really pretty together. How much more is there? And your card is grand. Thanks for sharing it.
    Me? Kinda of a bum week .I hope it is the heat. I did make a card or two and plan,you know how that goes,to post them soon.

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