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WIP Wednesday-18th July

This week’s crafting has been all about portable projects and end of term gifts. The Coastal Crochet CAL blanket isn’t making an appearance because I haven’t done any more of it, I have last Friday’s rows still to do. Next week though it should be back!

I’ve made masses of progress on my sock after a week or two of very slow knitting. I’m half way through the heel flap, having knitted on the lace repeat pattern in the car on a long journey.

I’ve also made a lot of cards. As I mentioned last week, I decided to make the same design but in different colours to make life easy. I was really pleased with how these turned out, I normally like to make things as personalised as possible but I’m not Wonderwoman and I had loads to make for the children to take to school and pre-school.

Also, the allotment has been really productive so my daughter and I did some baking together using some of the produce. We normally have Tuesdays together but this week was our last one before the summer holidays and then she starts school in September! We had a lovely time baking and then had pretend cafe for lunch (I made her beans on toast and a milkshake, which she always orders at the cafe. It was much cheaper to do at home!) We made a rhubarb crumble cake-which is rather nice with ice cream, and a lemon and courgette sponge which I donated to my school summer fair.

It’s been a week of varied WIPs (I guess the cards and cake don’t count because they were started and finished very quickly, but I wanted to share them as I rarely photograph my cards!)

What are you working on? Please share, I’d love to see!

15 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-18th July

  1. Oh how cue. I’m sure they were a big hit…the cards that is. the cakes look good enough to eat ..It is too hot here to do any cooking.I did get a card order in the mail and started on a nother one. Now I have to wait for ne CS. order to get here.

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