FO Friday-10th August

Things here have been a little crazy with the summer holidays, but the long car journeys for days out have proved very useful for sock knitting. I’ve finally finished my Winwick Mum easy lace socks!

The yarn I used was from the West Yorkshire Spinners Florist Collection, and I chose the colour as my intention was to make a pretty pair of lacy socks for Spring! Bit of a failure on my part there with estimated completion dates don’t you think? Any way, they are done and very comfy. Instead of the toe decreases suggested in the pattern, I decided to test out hat style decreases. The first hurdle was dividing up the stitches into 8 groups as I had 68 stitches. I just tried to evenly space out 4 sets of 8 stitches and 4 sets of 9. I think it worked well and was a billion times easier than Kitchener graft!

Here they are all done! I now have 4 pairs of hand knit socks, and I often use them at night when camping. One pair even made their debut as daytime socks with my walking boots in North Yorkshire (more on that in another post!)

Have you managed to complete anything this week? It seems like ages since I wrote an FO post!

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