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A Beetroot Bounty

This post was nearly called ‘bloody beetroot’ as I was almost literally knee deep in the stuff. Obviously there are worse problems to have, but I was a little taken aback when Mr C and his dad went to the allotment and returned with this.

I emptied it all out onto the kitchen floor to ‘grade’ it by size. The very smallest were boiled and pickled as baby beet. The two middle sizes were boiled too and used for pickling. (I think I’m up to a total of 14 jars pickled so far, though I’ve given some away!) The kitchen suffered badly, with splashes of purple on many surfaces caused by my haphazard beetroot peeling. Technically they should pop out of their skins after boiling, but some needed more of a helping hand (knife!) than others.

Any poor unfortunate souls who have visited us over the holidays have also been pretty much forced to take beetroot and courgettes home with them too.

The largest beetroot were turned into my favourite thing of all-beetroot chutney! In case you fancy making your own, here’s a link to my recipe. I’ve adapted it slightly by varying the quantities of some ingredients based on what I had, but a little taste test told me it was ok!

Don’t the jars all look so pretty? There are 5 jars of chutney altogether, a long with the pickled beet. Note the large jars at the back which had previously held the pickling vinegar. A quick wash and sterilize in the oven sent them back into use!

We have a whole raised bed still full of beetroot at the allotment! Something tells me that I’m not done with beetroot yet… (Mr C has requested at least another batch of chutney so that’ll use a bit.)

If you have any other ways of preserving it feel free to share! I’ve had a few lovely cake recipes shared with me too which I might try and whip up.

31 thoughts on “A Beetroot Bounty

    Mrs. Craft very kindly gifted me a jar of this magical stuff last year and we saved it in a cool, dark place until Christmas. IT’S BLOOMIN’ FANTASTIC! Great with cheese, and Mr. Cobs said it worked wonders for cold pork. But I can see it with other red meats, and probably even turkey and chicken … I just forgot to try it with those, and before I knew it, we’d eaten it all. It might work alongside some curries too.

    Great post Mrs. C. 🙂 Sorry to hear about the bloody splashes.
    LOVE the chutney with the floral lids. Very Cath Kidstonesque! 😀
    Sending big love and a bucket of sandy squidges ~ Cobs. xxx

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      1. Oh you naughty girl.

        Would I do the same in your situation? . . . erm… well… I… erm… actually … I probably would!

        Ah who am I kiddin’? I’d have got the Ryvita, cheese, knife and a spoon and have got on with it!

        😀 ~ Nom, nom, nom. ~ Cobs. xxx

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      1. You can get the single cheaper blenders from Curries.. I got one as part of my sisters Christmas present last year, As she loved beetroot.. She eats loads and continues to say they helped her beat Cancer.. ❤

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