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Be careful what you wish for (and a new approach to knitting!)

The summer holidays are in full swing, and we made the most of it by camping with friends so that we could all have a god catch up. After pitching the tent, we set off on the reasonably short drive to the beach. When we arrived, I joked about how close we had parked to the beach and how I hadn’t done many steps that day according to my FitBit. I think I may have jinxed myself at that very moment!

We found a good spot on the beach where the four children we have between us  could ‘dig a big hole’ and where the ‘big children’ (husbands) could hone their kite flying skills. The beach tent was set up and the toy bag emptied out on the sand. It was not long before the children wanted to wander and explore, looking for shells and other things to decorate their sandcastles with. I took my son and eldest godson for a walk to see a big pile of rocks extending into the sea (they were hopeful that it was mud; thankfully it wasn’t!)


As we went back, I spotted my daughter and husband taking her bucket to the shallow waves to fill it and take back to their building area. It became obvious that she was not going to be satisfied with a little paddle quite quickly (this is the same little girl who made mud and laid in it at the allotment, so it wasn’t much of a shock!) Carefully supervised, she paddled until the water came to her knees. She may have underestimated the waves slightly and ended up wet to her bellybutton, and covered in sand. Once the wind started to blow, the sand and water no longer seemed like such fun and the crying began-that girl has a good pair of lungs and she’s not afraid to show them off.

She really needed to get changed as we hadn’t even been to have our fish and chips for tea yet. Alas, that ‘short walk’ back to the car which I had joked about earlier felt rather long with a grumpy 4 year old. We had to go to the car to fetch clothes (which we were really fortunate to have-our friends had passed on some hand me downs and I had just put them in the boot, otherwise she wouldn’t have had anything!) We then had to walk back to the toilets (half way between the car and the beach), wash her down and dry off before putting on new clothes, then walk back to the car with the wet things and then return to the beach. Needless to say, I stopped moaning about my step count by that point!

Luckily, the fish and chip tea was less eventful, and we had a fairly peaceful drive back to our camping ground. The children were not keen to go to sleep though, and by the time they had settled it was beginning to get dark. Once they were finally asleep, us grown ups went and sat outside between the tents, and I took my knitting. As the light faded, I thought it was time to pack up. However, our friends had the bright idea of lending me a head torch. I don’t own one (yet) as it isn’t my accessory of choice, mainly because it plays havoc with my fringe. It’s now on my shopping list though as it was amazing, I got loads of knitting done whilst we chatted!


I shall share a photo of my new knitting project shortly, and I will also be a bit more careful with what I wish for in future! (I got my 10,000 steps in that day by the way!)

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