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WIP Wednesday-22nd August

This week has been a funny one with plans made and then changed and lots of family time too. I decided I needed a new project so I had to wind a skein of hand dyed yarn to start that.

I’ve continued with the Coastal Crochet CAL, although my progress has been slow because I was just too hot sat under the blanket for any length of time. (That bodes well for it being a nice warm camping blanket though!) I’m up to almost the end of week 28 so I’m about 3 weeks behind.

I’ve also started a Hitchhiker shawl, though I will be using it as a scarf. The yarn was the one my husband bought me for our anniversary last year, it is a hand dyed one by Peak District Yarns and I love the colours. My winter coat is burgundy so I thought it would go well. I started it on Saturday and I’m enjoying it quite a lot, the pattern is nicely repetitive without being boring

And that’s about it on the yarn front! Another major WIP is weeding the allotment- the children and I are measuring our progress by the number of wheelbarrows full of weeds we manage to add to the heap each time we go!

What are you working on this week? Any new projects on the horizon?

12 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-22nd August

  1. Looking good! I love the yarn you’re using for the shawl/scarf, those hints of burgundy will look great with the coat. I see you’re knitting it on circular needles, can I ask how that works with a flat piece of knitting? I’ve only used circular needles for circular knitting, you see. Thank you! 😀

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    1. Thank you, it’s easy with the longer needle, I can’t explain it very well but you just turn the knitting round as you would in rows on straight needles. The advantage of the circular needle is that the cable lets you spread out the knitting so you can see what the shawl looks like as you go along.


  2. Pretty colors! Still wanting to learn how to knit, hopefuly this winter season… I am currently making a shopping list for some new projects and a few of them are going to be amazing (I hope). So, just finishing some WIP’s and starting something new very soon I hope.

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  3. Your blanket is coming along beautifully. Love all of the cheerful colors in it. Your scarf is beautiful. The yarn is so pretty and making wonderful patterns. It will gold perfect with your burgundy coat. I am knitting on 2 shawls (it’s a race to see which will be my very first completed shawl 😉 and also knitting a baby blanket. Trying to fit some cross stitch in, but knitting is winning out right now. Happy Stitching!

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