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WIP Wednesday-12th September

Everyone here (me included!) is back to school now and the whirlwind routines are in place once again. Craft time is being squeezed in wherever I can manage it, as is blogging time.

The Coastal Crochet CAL blanket is still way behind but I’ve managed another two weeks worth. The colours are running out so I’m repeating the same old ones and trying not to make it look boring! (The pattern is lovely, it’s just tricky to choose colours to keep it looking nice.) It’s not far off the end, so I’m hoping to squeeze in some scraps of the other colours on rows that don’t require as much yarn.

I’ve also worked on the Hitchhiker shawl. Unfortunately the colours don’t show up very well indoors-these darker evenings are playing havoc with my photography! I realised I’d made a mistake on one section but decided to leave it as it isn’t particularly obvious, and certainly wouldn’t show up when it is being worn. It’s a fab on the go project and just gets picked up every time we go in the car. (Mr C got a new car and the passenger door pocket had plenty of room for several yarn projects, not that I’ve told him that yet!)

That’s it for now, I’m planning on starting Christmas decorations very soon, although I haven’t signed up for any craft fairs yet. What are you working on at the moment?

20 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-12th September

  1. Keep at it…the end is near.
    For me..still digging out flower beds from weeds and runaway flowers. Also making a Kennedy Word book for grand # 6 first birthday.Ans praying for all in the storms path…they seem to change the path every time I look.


  2. CAL is coming along beautifully. Liking your colour choices/changes. Win that you are using some stash.
    Hitchhikers looks fabulous. Sounds like the new car is a winner!
    I’ve been working on my jumper almost to the shoulder decreases in the sleeves just in time for spring here! so probably wont get to wear it before the weather gets warm. I’ve also been working on a gift for a friend – will post update/pics on my blog hopefully next week and charity sewing for Days for Girls.

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  3. The shawl’s going well! I haven’t thought about Christmas much yet, just a little about Sarah’s gift/s. I’ve been working on another room, and some props that don’t really have any use in particular, but are just fun. πŸ˜€

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  4. The blanket is looking lovely and so interesting. I’m Worthing on my own much simpler blanket at the moment and having to remind myself to take breaks because it’s so easy and mindless that I end up keep going until my hands ache!

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  5. Love the colours of the shawl – so earthy and the colours all tone together beautifully.

    BUT … adore the colours of the blanket. They’re all so friendly, and the styles knitted in each colour make the whole thing a riot of happy vibes. That’s the one I’d buy. Love it bigly.

    Great makes Mrs.C. ~ Cobs. xxx

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      1. Ah I added quite a few more teeth onto mine, just trying to get through some more colour changes in the yarn so it’s definitely long enough! I’m going to stick to the pattern with the next one I make so I’ll see how long that turns out.

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