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WIP Wednesday-10th October

I’ve just looked and seen that I haven’t done a WIP post for 4 weeks! I think it was because I didn’t really have much to say for myself, though I have been quite busy and I now actually have some things to share. Also, it’s a stunningly beautiful atutmn day so I took my projects outside for a little photo shoot (nowhere exotic, just the back garden!)

First of all, I’ll show you my nearly finished seaside stashbusting blanket. I crocheted the last row almost 2 weeks ago and have blocked it to even up the edges. It is now ready for the border but I’m bracing myself for working so many stitches and so I haven’t even started yet.

I’ve also been ploughing on with the Hitchhiker shawl. It really is a massive project for me, I just keep working a few rows here and there. I also had a mishap with a pen leaking in my WIP bag, although I’m hoping a gentle wash will help once it is finished. It’s been upgraded from just a portable project to also being a mindless watching TV project as it’s quite an easy to follow pattern.

Amigurumi has been a major feature of my recent crochet makes- I just couldn’t resist making this little reindeer from Simply Crochet magazine. It is smaller than theirs because I was using DK yarn, and consists of 18 pieces sewn together. I’m not in a hurry to make another as I’m not really very good at getting the pieces positioned well enough to join together and keeping them in position. He is cute though!

I may be late to the party with mentioning the ‘C’ word, but I’ve had a few orders for my snowman baubles already. This year I’m trying a different approach, making all of the heads and then working the accessories one at a time. Here are some of them on the wall, looking a bit sad as they only have eyes but no other facial features.

Next job for me is to start knitting a baby jumper that I have been commissioned to make. The yarn and pattern are here, I’m just waiting for some extra needles as I didn’t have the right size.

What have you been up to? How’s your Christmas craft looking?

16 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday-10th October

  1. Love all of your projects. You have been busy and getting the jump on “C” already! Good for you. I don’t even want to go there. Love your stashbusting blanket. It may just inspire me to get back to working on the Spicier Life blanket. The snowball heads are so cute :). They made me smile.

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  2. All fab projects. The blanket is awesome can’t wait to see it with the border. As for the Christmas projects good on you for making a start. I have a couple of Christmas cards done and that is all! Haven’t even thought of any projects yet. I can imagine the feeling when you discovered a leaked pen, fingers crossed all works out.

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