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Autumn Adventures

This week is half term here, so both the children and myself are not at school. After what feels like such a long time since school started in September, it’s a very welcome break. A combination of various illnesses between us and the darker mornings and evenings have left me feeling somewhat lacklustre, so the beautiful crisp sunny days of the last week or so have been a breath of fresh air.

October is always a busy time, with many birthdays including my son, niece and godson. We’ve also had a marvellous time at a very good friend’s wedding (by we, I mean Mr C and I-the children were well looked after elsewhere so we got to enjoy the party!) It’s a real season of celebration, just what the doctor ordered. As my son isn’t having a party this year, I’ve had extra time for days out with the children without worrying about party planning.

Earlier this week, whilst my little boy had a sleepover with his auntie, uncle and cousins, my daughter and I went and did her favourite things in town. We had a trip to the art gallery so that we could do the outside walk around the rooftop exhibition (because she likes to look at the river from above so she can see the sun sparkle on it), we went shopping and to a cafe for lunch, and then fed the ducks. All topped off with a trip to Aldi (not necessarily part of the fun, but it was nice to go shopping with my little buddy-she hasn’t been since she started school). It was her perfect day, and cost so very little.

Feeding the ducks with special duck food from the art gallery (where else would you get duck food?)

Today we visited a pumpkin patch with friends. It’s a really popular day out around here, and I’d never been, partly because we grow our own pumpkins. However, our friends live really near to it so we made the most of the chance. (Funnily enough, chatting with our friend was what prompted me to actually write a post!) There was a lovely large field of pumpkins to choose from, although we didn’t buy any, and lots of fun activities for the children. We went all out and paid £5 per child for a pass which allowed them access to all of the activities. Together we puzzled our way around the maize maze and then went to catapult some potatoes across a field. That was the highlight of the day, it’s surprising how far you can fling a potato! We then headed to the bouncy castle/hay bale climbing area/space hoppers, which was where we hoped to achieve the ultimate goal of wearing the children out for a good night’s sleep. (My two are both fast on right now so it worked pretty well!)

The pumpkin patch was full of beautiful displays of gourds

On the way home, as the sun lowered in the sky and the mist gently hovered over the freshly ploughed fields, I felt quite relaxed and refreshed. I often find taking the children out on my own a little stressful, and school holidays seem hard work with Mr C working night shifts and us needing to be quiet or go out, but I’m really enjoying this half term. We’ve had some really good company in the last few days (and the last couple of weeks-I saw friends I haven’t seen for years at the wedding and it was as if we’ve never been apart) and it’s really made me appreciate how lucky we are. Here’s to more happy autumn days!

I’d love to hear what you enjoy about autumn, it seems to be an underappreciated time of year.

10 thoughts on “Autumn Adventures

  1. I like autumn – all the beautiful colours and the low sunshine that makes the trees seem to glow. We had a couple of Inset days at the end of last week and did a couple of day trips to adventure/farm park type places, and it was glorious! Bright and sunny, not too busy, plenty to keep the kids entertained as well as being with great company. Tomorrow we’re off to the beach!

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  2. How wonderful! Autumn in Australia is a relief from the 30+ degrees heat of summer and an excuse to start wearing nice coats and scarves again, so it’s definitely one of my favourite seasons. I love the pumpkin patch picture, by the way! 😀

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    1. It is, we are getting things packed away at the allotment ready for winter. I’ve spent an hour or so this evening preparing our carrot harvest for the freezer. We got enough to make quite a lot of stews!


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